Terminator Librarian conversion mock up

Here are a few of the "mock ups" I did for the Terminator Librarian as part of my Space Marine army commission. This guy is going to require a good bit of work, so I saved him for last.

Right now he's just "tacked" in place until I can get exactly what my friend wants and then I finalise the build.

He's still missing the Pre-Heresy shoulder pads and his base, but this gives you an idea of what I'm going for with the model. I still need to sculpt some cables on his chest and maybe find a way to make a shroud over his head like most Librarians have.

Of course he'll have a banner too, but that's another post.

My Project Link: Space Marines Commission

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  1. He looks great so far. I like the use of the DA symbol on top of the staff. The shoulder pads definately bulk him out which adds to his intimidation. Also just noticed the Deathwing legs! This is going to be a great conversion I can tell

  2. Just throwing this out there, because I would love to see it done but I lack the skill:

    Scribor has a tutorial on making GS molds that produce excellent scroll-work armor. I'll post it in case it catches your interest:


    I think that would make for some awesome shoulderpads if you designed them using this method.

    Take it or leave it, because I know whatever you decide to do will look awesome!

  3. I'll have pics of the finished shoulder pads soon. There is some trim work but it's not ornate. It's very simple banding with rivets along the edges. That and leather straps hang down from under the shoulder pads too.

    I thought about bulking out the greaves but decided against it because I think there comes a point when there's too much on the model. It's a balance I try and keep to as best I can.

    The finished pose is slightly different too.

  4. I really like how much more dynamic this guy is than the normal metal ones GW offers. Great job on that. I also like the idea of the shoulder pads and hoses.

    For the hood I vote something very ornate and decorative. I agree about a point where you have to much but this is supposed to be a very important piece of a librarians wargear and as such should probably be very ornate. Just my 2 cents though. :D

  5. Got to agree with the rest, its a very cool conversion - a lovely pose for the model. Where did the plastic cloak come from by the way?

  6. Great conversion and pose! Looking forward to sseing him with the ancient shoulder pads and basing.

  7. For the shroud I have a suggestion. I used the plastic shoulder pad with the neck guard with writing on it. I cut away the neck guard with the writing and placed that around the head with cables going to it as though it's powered. I can mail you a pic later today if you'd like to see.

  8. @ FoxPhoenix - I immediately thought of the scibor work when I saw that too!

  9. I really like the preheresy stuff and this model is way cool


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