Raven Guard Terminator Librarian finished

Here he is, the finished model... this one is just a conversion project, I won't be painting him. The idea was to create something close to the Librarian picture in the old Space Marine Codex with some changes here and there that my client specifically asked for (Pre-Heresy shoulder pads).

A small detail that can be easily overlooked is the greenstuff around his head. I went in and filled the cavity behind his head and sculpted smaller cables that run towards his head from the protective shell. They are set back in the shell, but once painted, they'll make a nice detail to the model.

Here's an odd shot of his upper torso before it was glued in place, the reason I took this one was to show just how much work went into getting his arms in the positions they're in. I ended up greenstuffing the entire shoulder area.
Another thing I had to do was find a termination point for the chest cables. With his arms up and out, I couldn't just leave them unattached at the bottoms so I ended up making small attachment points on his side. It's one of those details you don't think about until you actually start sculpting the things.

With the Pre-Hersey shoulder pads instead of regular Terminator shoulder pads, there is no real place to paint the Chapter icon... I usually end up using a small shield to display it. In this case, my client asked that I sculpt the icon as well.
I took a regular shield and trimmed it clean and then added a thin layer of greenstuff over the entire front. I trimmed away just a little around the edge and then began the work of cutting in the Ravenguard logo.

And here's the finished icon. It's fairly close given the dimensions of the shield and trying to keep the icon within it's edges.

All in all, a really fun project with a couple challenges. There's just so much that can be done with Librarian models and making them stand out on the tabletop.

I've already started my next one too, a Spiderman inspired Techmarine.

Here's the post with the fully painted model.
Project Link: Codex Space Marine Librarian conversion

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  1. Mein Gott! That Raven Guard icon looks amazing! Freaking clean sculptwork. The whole model comes together very well & has a very commanding presence. It's going to look really awesome once it's painted up.

  2. Agreed, the icon is fantastic!

  3. Love the icon and the other GS work. Those pre-heresy shoulder pads are becoming your signature.

  4. Thanks guys, I actually had to sculpt it twice... the first time I did it, I didn't level out the gs evenly and it was causing huge problems at the bottom of the logo. It was way to thick to even try working with.

    I finally got it figured out for the second attempt.

  5. This conversion was one of the best of yours that I've seen in terms of difficulty and quality.

    One of the first things I noticed is the detail around the head, which really adds a subtle detail that I love.

    The sculpting on the shield is very solid and crisp. One of my other favorite aspects of the model is the sword conversion. It's a very simple change, but it makes a huge difference.

    Well done!

  6. Ron you're a machine!! I always love seeing what your working on. It's a shame you wont be painting this one up as I would love to see what it looks like completed...

  7. Wienas: This one was tough because it was new for me. I think Sarpedon was more work and may have been even harder for me.

    My greenstuff skills are improving... just from the amount of work I do with it now. I go through the stuff like crazy these days. Getting your surfaces and edges clean and crisp is a big part of greenstuffing I'm learning.

    Oz: It's easy when people come to me with great ideas and I just need to make them real.
    Wait until you see what I have coming up.

  8. As the proud owner of a Hawk Lords army, a tutorial on how you sculpted that icon would be highly appreciated. I done a couple fo dreads and termis, but they were no where near as nice as yours...

  9. bi0m3trics: Let me see what I can do... it's really more of an approach than a step by step that I follow when sculpting icons and such.


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