Using resin bases and some manufacturers

I thought I might take a second and highlight some of the smaller compaines out there making great products for us gamers. Specifically, resin bases.

I've always made (flocked,sanded, etc...) my own bases but recently I've gotten into using resin bases. It's amazing the amount of detail on these things. Mainly I use them to add that extra bit of detail to a commission and make a model really stand out.

One company I've had great experience so far with is Dark Art Miniatures. They are stocked by my local game store (Game Vault) and they've got a growing selection of base types. I'm a big fan of all kinds of urban style bases. They've got some lava style bases too that I would build a Daemon army just to use those things.

So if you're interested in trying resin bases out, I'd say to give it a go. Even if it's just for a character model.
A little extra work can get some great results for you army.

Here are a handful of companies producing resin bases:

Antenocities Workshop
Armorcast Battlefield Scenery
Back 2 Base-ix
Black Cat Bases
Champ Industries
Custom Made Minis
Daemonscape Scenery
Dark Art Miniatures
Dragon Forge Design
Evil Mushroom Games
Forge Craft Games
Foundations of War
ID Works
Iron Halo
Jawa Forge Resin Bases
Kerr and King Bases
Micro Art Studios
Scibor's Miniatures
Secret Weapon Miniatures
The Combat Company

If you know of another company not listed, send me the link so I can add it here for everyone else.

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  1. Thats a whole lot of basing listed there...

  2. I'm a big fan of resin bases, used a few companies in that list, thanks for collecting them all in one easy place!

  3. I won a couple in a painting contest a few months ago, and promptly used them on two minis I bought on the same day. Haven't got round to painting them yet but I'm looking forward to it!

  4. Dezartfox: Thta's the idea really, to collect stuff for you guys in one place that's easy to find.

    I didn't know there were this many until I started hunting for them. I figure the right thing to do is pass along the info to you guys and save you all some work.

  5. I'm fairly new to resin bases, having received two sample sets for review from a friend seeking feedback prior to mass-producing his own line. I'd have to say I'm impressed by the level of detail they hold (although that's probably more to do with the assembly, choice of materials, and skill of the caster - give credit where it's due) and had never really considered working with resin bases before. I mean I get the concept of pre-made basing and some of the reasoning behind it, but I always just preferred to make/decorate my own for the sake of being in complete control of appearance and theme. Well, after having played around with these samples and trying out various tools (files, sandpaper, Dremel, etc.) just to see how they compare to my usual materials, I definitely think I'll be getting more in future - even if only plain ones with minimal decoration that I can add a few things to in order to tie together an overall theme.
    Good timing on the writeup, too, as I've only just started posting progress in painting up a Forge World Renegade Psyker on one of these (slightly) converted resin bases as a display piece of sorts. (He'll end up in an army... eventually, but I began planning out the figure and base as an entry into a painting competition.) It's my first resin figure, too - go figger!

  6. A few more not listed up there that might be usefull:

    ID Works :
    Scibor miniatures :

  7. I've just bought some from Fantascape, new UK company selling on eBay. Small range at the moment but v nice stuff.

    Just wondering if you've got any advice for magnetising resin bases please? I've only ever done it with bases that were hollow underneath so not sure how to go about it.

  8. Haley: DO you mean to secure them to a display board? If so, I think you could do it the same way as you would for a regular joint on a model.

    Pick your spot on the underside of the base, carefully drill your hole in the bottom and insert your magnet. A bit of superglue should do the trick nicely.

    I might be inclined to choose the center of the base so that I could line up the other half on the display board in the correct location.

  9. For on a movement tray, but yes, I think you're right - drilling is the way to go. I've order my magnets :-)



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