How to weather the bottom of banners

The other day when I posted the results of my "week's worth of hobby," Drathmere from over at 40k Hobby Blog asked about the weathering I did on the Titan banner project I had.

It's really easy to do and get good results.
Here's the short version, it's just like adding soot stains to the end of a gun barrel except you're adding them to the bottom of a banner.

Here it is step by step.

Step 1
Get you banner and your paints. I've got an old junk banner and you only need two colors for this. Black and brown. You can use any size brush you want, I use something similar to the Citadel large size brush or the Wash brush. Anything close will work just fine.

Step 2
Take your X-Acto knife and cut away part of the bottom to give it that tattered and war torn look.

(Left banner = 1st pass, Right banner = 5th or 6th pass)

Step 3
Start with the brown. I water mine down a bit so it's transparent. I keep adding layers of brown across the bottom until I get the very bottom almost completely opaque. I only use vertical brush strokes and vary the height of them across the width of the banner.

Step 4
Finish with the black. Do the same thing that you did with the brown but don't go as high up on the banner as you did with the brown.

Things to keep in mind:

1. You can be generous with the brown but use the black sparingly. Go in small steps with both colors (especially with the black) because you can't go back once you paint it.
With weathering, "less is more" sometimes.

2. Use vertical strokes only, Especially with the black. I'll add a few small dabs of it across the bottom of the banner, wipe my brush almost clean and then use vertical strokes to pull the black up into the banner image.

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Americana dirty....must get clean...

  2. Ron, Just seen the Titan Banner! My first look as I am away at sea. Awesome, will suit the titan to a tee! Love the subdued skull and 'ten', fits nicely with the Relictors. Look forward to getting it over the holiday season when i'm home again. Yours Aye, Siph @Weemen

  3. Such a simple process, but it looks amazing! Thanks for putting this up! I am going to give banners another shot.

  4. And if you're really ambitious, you could always just set the banner on fire, and let it burn for a while :P

    Nice tutorial Ron

  5. Once again you make this look easy. Easy enough that even i could do it. So i think i may give this a try with a spare banner to see if i have the patience for it.

    Thanks for yet another good tutorial and making me want to do more hobbying. Coming to this blog just makes me have so much more work i wonder why i keep coming back. Oh yeah thats right because you have give me some really nice ideas for ways to make my army look better. :)

  6. Thanks guys, glad it helps.

    Siph_Horridus: Your banner should be waiting at home for you, it went out in the mail last week.


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