Pre-heresy style Wolf Guard terminator

This is a Guest Post by Jon

Seeing Ron's great Pre-Heresy terminators have inspired me to do one of my own. I started with the new Space Wolves terminator box and decided to go with twin wolf claws, and the big wolf-pelt cape.

Since one of the shoulder pads would be largely covered by the cape (that and the fact that I don't have Ron's patience), I decided to go with a simplified shoulder pad using the leg armor from a Dreadnought.

The extended collar was built from sheet and strip styrene. One thing that occurred to me after the fact was that I'll need to paint the head separately. Yeah, I know that if you can't paint it, it probably can't be seen... but I'm kinda AR about these things.

Finally the cape requires some modification to get the wolf's look right on the new shoulder pads.

I think that I might do something similar to this if I decide to build an Arjac model -- ancient TDA seems apt for Grimnar,s Champion.

Here is the WIP, I still need to add the leather straps under the shoulder pads.

Final product, the cape and the head will get glued on after painting. Once it's painted, it will also get attached to one of the resin bases.

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  1. Looks great. I'm really impressed with the cape over the shoulder. I'm not a big fan of the Space-Pup aesthetic, but when done well it looks good.

    Can't wait to see it painted!

  2. Awesome. I love the new wolf term box set. So versatile.

  3. This looks really good and is what I should do with my Bulveye.
    I am just in love with the new Shoulder detail though so I am torn between the two.
    After seeing yours even more so.
    I think I am saving my wolfcape for a Dred if I get around to doing Bjorn(40k)

  4. Thanks to all. I'll post another pic once he's painted.

    @BigWill: I know what you mean. I was torn as to whether to do this or use the new shoulder pads. Then I remembered that I had an un-built box of regular termies that I could mix and match with the new parts. :)

  5. I guess I can't complain, us DA players have a spue with lots of great bits, I just wish the regular termies had as much packed on them as the new Wolf sprues do.

    Nice work on this guy. The plasticard collar is well done.

  6. great stuff. I want to do someyhing like this my self but I may not get round to it. Looks really good!

  7. Wow, this looks really good Jon. Cant wait to see it painted.

  8. Ron, you are the Conversion Master.

  9. AWESOME job! Can't wait to see it painted!!


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