Pre-Heresy armoured Master of Deathwing

I actually built this guy a long time ago and he's just been sitting on my desk waiting for me to get my act together and finish my Deathwing army.

Well, I'm still not done with the army but I finally painted this guy.

When I posted this pic of him before, one of the comments was to make sure and paint cool murals on his armour.
Of course, don't be silly, who wouldn't do that?
How I was going to do it though was a different story. That's part of the reason he's sat for so long unfinished. I'm a big chicken sometimes when it comes to painting.

He's got the standard Pre-Heresy shoulder pads but when I was building him, I went ahead and tried my hand at building greaves as well. While they can definitely be improved on, these work well enough and they give him a unique look.

Skip forward about a year and now that I have my Deathwing painting technique figured out, it was time to see what I could do with this model.

He's painted similar to the other guys in the force but he's all dark grey to start with.

But I wanted this guy to look like he has a really ornate set of armour that has been handed down over hundreds of years with an almost artificer look to it. So once I had him "primed," I sat down and started adding freehand designs to the larger open areas of his armour.

Nothing too fancy, just some simple designs like the chapter symbol, the Imperial eagle and some Dark Angel motifs. I did all of this before I washed him. My real worry was that the wash would obscure too much of the freehand but it turned out just right.

Once he was washed, I went back in and picked out some parts of the images (to draw attention to them) and highlighted him with the other colors like I did with the rest of the army. You can click on any of the pics below for a larger view.

He came out alright I think. He stands out from the rest of the force and he definitely looks "Pre-Heresy" to me and that was the biggest thing I wanted to accomplish with him.

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