Pre-Heresy armoured Master of Deathwing

I actually built this guy a long time ago and he's just been sitting on my desk waiting for me to get my act together and finish my Deathwing army.

Well, I'm still not done with the army but I finally painted this guy.

When I posted this pic of him before, one of the comments was to make sure and paint cool murals on his armour.
Of course, don't be silly, who wouldn't do that?
How I was going to do it though was a different story. That's part of the reason he's sat for so long unfinished. I'm a big chicken sometimes when it comes to painting.

He's got the standard Pre-Heresy shoulder pads but when I was building him, I went ahead and tried my hand at building greaves as well. While they can definitely be improved on, these work well enough and they give him a unique look.

Skip forward about a year and now that I have my Deathwing painting technique figured out, it was time to see what I could do with this model.

He's painted similar to the other guys in the force but he's all dark grey to start with.

But I wanted this guy to look like he has a really ornate set of armour that has been handed down over hundreds of years with an almost artificer look to it. So once I had him "primed," I sat down and started adding freehand designs to the larger open areas of his armour.

Nothing too fancy, just some simple designs like the chapter symbol, the Imperial eagle and some Dark Angel motifs. I did all of this before I washed him. My real worry was that the wash would obscure too much of the freehand but it turned out just right.

Once he was washed, I went back in and picked out some parts of the images (to draw attention to them) and highlighted him with the other colors like I did with the rest of the army. You can click on any of the pics below for a larger view.

He came out alright I think. He stands out from the rest of the force and he definitely looks "Pre-Heresy" to me and that was the biggest thing I wanted to accomplish with him.

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    (although I think you ought to have kept (R) and (L) on his greaves - even Masters of the Deathwing can get confused at times!)

  2. Love all the little freehand bits and how you've really made them seem part of the armour and not just added ontop last. The Power Weapon style effect on the Lightning claws looks great on this model, not least because the contrast it makes looks pretty awesome. Job very well done! :)

  3. Looks amazing. I like the way that there's a lot of detail there but you've kept it toned down so that it doesn't make the model too busy.

  4. I really like the way this guy turned out. Do you have an images of what he looked like with the murals on before the wash? Do you think it would have worked as well if you had added a tiny amounts of other pigments into your mural's base color.

  5. He looks ace, sir. I've been trying to get those greaves right for a while and fail continuously. Since given up and succumbed to green stuff...

  6. This one has turned out very well indeed - very good job as usual! :)

  7. Drathmere: I would ahve to look, I don;t think I took any pics prior to adding the wash unfortunately. I should have though.
    As for the use of color, that's a good question, I think you could use color but you need to make sure you've got the right value so it all "washes" the same and you don't have variations in the wrong areas.

    In this case I wanted the images to fade into the armour and not stand out so I went with a single color.

    Itkovian: I spent a couple hours working on these, there were lots of test runs before I managed to find the right shapes. Each leg is different and they are model specific too. These were cut for the Chaos Terminator Lord legs and wouldn't work on another terminator.

  8. Excellent work as always Ron!


  9. Words need to be invented to describe models this awesome. Great job Ron.

    A bit of constructive criticism, I think making the cloth just a tad brighter might help it to stand out a bit more. Not much... just a tiny bit brighter. :)

  10. I'm agreed with Oni ... although the whole Deathwing is very dark - so he'll probably blend in.

    Nice model, great work.

    Oh and Drax is right ... the whole L and R thing is important!

  11. I appreciate all the comments guys, I'll have to take a look at the tabard again tonight and see how it looks.
    Maybe it will get a touchup.

  12. Beautiful, very subtle. I love the gold detail!

  13. Awesome! The color scheme and the technique really emphasize the less is more maxim. He looks very ancient, war torn and hard-bitten.

  14. I will have to echo what others have already said this looks great. Looks very well aged and used.

  15. Excuse me... but i like to know where do you get the double headed eagle thing on top if his head, been trying to find something like that for a whole month

  16. Anon: it is from the old scanner piece that came with the old boxed set I believe. It kind of looks like an electric transformer pole and that little piece sits on top.

    Some folks use them as "electric fence" type pieces and string wire between them.

  17. Ron: Scanner piece? I'm afraid I do not follow... is it from some old scenery doodles?

  18. Anon: Sorry about that, I had to do some hunting to find where it came from. The piece looks like an electric telephone pole type piece that came in the previous Battle For Macragge boxed set that included Tyranids and Ultramarines.

    Hope this helps. If you google the boxed set and look at images of the minis included, you'll see the set of poles with this icon on top.

  19. Ron: Woah, I didn't even knew something like that existed! (but i'm new to the hobby any ;P)

    Thank you Ron!

  20. Anon: No problem. It's an older boxed set (it's the one before the current one). You should still be able to get the bit though since so many people have the set and nobody ever did anything with those poles.


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