Dark Angels Azrael but just paint his head

That was the request I got.
After painting up Ezekiel the other week, I was asked if I could repaint Azrael's head and make it look better.

Sure, I don't see why not I thought. How hard can it be to strip and repaint a portion of a model without having any effect on the rest of the model.

Actully it wasn't hard at all. I use a certain type of "paint stripper," actually dish cleaner that's almost like a gel... so all I did was apply it to his head, wait about 15 minutes and then carefully wash it off. Instantly clean without messing up any other parts on the model.

Then it was just a matter of repainting his head.
Simple as that.

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  1. Nice precision paint stripping there Ron! The result looks great - the lines in the forehead are very natural looking.

  2. was it that gel you'd use to remove gloss paints from your hands etc? The blue or green stuff ... cant think what its called. But it worked such a treat!! did you even have to scrub or did it just take right off?
    Have you tried it on plastics?

  3. It's Dawn Power Dissolver. It's really for cleaning dishes that have baked on stuff.

    I let it sit on the model for about 15 minutes and then used a stiff paint brush to "scrub" the area without spreading it to other parts of the model.

    I have used it on plastics too with great results too. I used it on the power sword arm for my Deathwing Sergeant I just finished.

  4. Fantastic work as usual, Ron. Love the forehead creases.

  5. That really is pretty amazing. Great work.

  6. Faces are one thing I'm not good at all. Some sort of tutorial, or a point in the direction of a good one, would be much appreciated Ron! ;)

  7. Thanks guys.

    King: Let me see what I can find/dig up that might help.

  8. I'm very impressed at how well that stripper worked at cleaning the head without touching the body. Plus, nice job on the face! Might have to invest in some of that dissolver myself...


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