Terminator Librarian being painted

So I've started painting this guy. He's the Commander of the force so I'm going all out with the paint job on him.

He's getting the standard blue armour due to rank with Chapter icons added for recognition. I've started his banner too but I usually paint that last and add it on at the very end.

I'll be posting a bunch of photos of the finished model, so stay tuned for those.

Here's the finished model.

My Project Link: Space Marines Commission

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  1. The facial detail is amazing. In particular the stubble. Here comes the big question though... Perhaps a tutorial on how you did it sometime? Great stuff as usual mate

  2. Doing great as usual, Ron. His shoulderpads kick a$$! I like the contrast of the gold and the black armor, they just go together. Like 73rd said, the stubble is a great effect. A tutorial or a link are definitely required!

  3. The stubble IS awesome - it makes him look like he's been fighting since he got up in the dark of the early hours of the morning, and its now late on in the evening. Great work so far as usual!

  4. increadible work on his face. Love it. would love a clickable version so we can see him nice n close!?
    He will look awesome all in blue and stad out a treat.
    have you been sending off the pieces as you've finished them? it'd be a shame not to see the entire army in a shot together

  5. I'm loving the shoulder pads, nice work!

  6. Wonderful terminator, man!

    I linked your blog. Really good :)

    Greetings from Spain!

  7. Lookin' great. I have to agree with 73rd tho... Can we get a tutorial on the flesh tone? :D

  8. Thanks guys, I'll get something together on the flesh and stubble in the coming days. I just need to find a spare head to practice on.

  9. Ron: If a head is all that you need for you to do a tutorial. Call me and let me know, I will bring one, or more, down to you this weekend (5/30-31) let me know.

    Oh and awesome job on the face.

  10. how do you do those shoulder pads

  11. Anon: They are scratchbuilt. The tutorial is here: Pre-Heresy shoulderpads


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