Nurgle Deathguard banners near completion

Here are the two chapter sized banners I've been working on as a commission for a friend of mine. He just got me the bitz to make the top of the banner poles.

Now that I have all the pieces, I just need to find a day where I can assemble both banners and finally get them finished.

Since this post is fairly old, I figured I'd go back and add a few more links to bring it up to date so folks can get a better idea of the process involved in making your own banners.
Making your own cardstock banners
Making cardstock banners... some advanced techniques

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  1. Woooa!

    Are prints your banners? Or did you hand-paint them?

  2. Thanks guys, they are hand drawn and hand painted. The actual imagery comes from what the "client" wants on there.

  3. Wow, that free-hand is epically good! Very nice Ron!

  4. Thanks Kevin, I enjoy taking the time and painting them up and really seeing how much detail I can get into them.


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