Mechanised armies are the rage in 5th edition

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Yes... the Land Raider, or Battlewagon, or Rhino, or Chimera, or whatever it is with treads, wings or wheels.
You can't roll a D6 at your local game store without hitting a half dozen of these lumbering giants. Awakened with the new vehicle charts in 5th edition, these monstrosities have seen a rebirth like no other.

Actually, mech is all the rage these days it seems. And it's not just one vehicle in particular that has come out it's army case and is seeing more time in battle these days (although Land Raiders seem to be everywhere).

So I thought I might see what people were thinking on the topic. There've been a handful of posts on this issue and I decided to collect as many of them as I could that seemed appropriate for this. So I sent out the word and here's what I've come up with.

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Apparently, you can blame the 5th edition vehicle charts. They did it. That's what everyone keeps pointing to as the reason tanks hit the table more these days. Were players using tanks in 4th? You bet, but they had to work at it then. Those same guys now are enjoying the fruits of their labors now. Having cut their teeth in 4th, they know exactly what to do in 5th and the new charts give them a little breathing room.

The rest of us see how successful these guys are and we all jump on board. We all "mech up" our lists and have a go at it. Not with as much success as the 4th edition guys (since they're working on skill and we're working on luck with the new charts), but it's a little easier now.

I know I took what I learned using my Black Templars with their dual Land Raider Crusaders and translated what I could for my Deathwing force and it's definitely helped me. I don't think it gave me any measurable advantage though since I don't get that many games in over the course of a year. I'm interested in hearing from those who learned the hard way in 4th, what your opinions on this? What insight can you give those of us "learning" how to use our new armour in 5th?

You want to know the one thing I never, ever use... smoke launchers.

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  1. Really? Smoke Launchers are teh b0mb!

    Sarcastic language aside, they truly are an excellent piece of kit. I could easily blog on how jealous Eldar are of them, honestly.

  2. *nods* they are very nice. They allow you avoid terrain and train up the rest of your tanks behind a smoked tank to gain 3+/4+ cover.

    Most armies which can't take their cover with them wish they could =D.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets to pop smoke all the time!

  4. Aye, smoke launchers can protect your steel ass for a turn :) . Unless you need to shoot transport should move forward and pop smoke first turn.

  5. I mainly takie mech lists because it makes for a faster game. Much easier to move 5 vehicles then 50 guys. Mech higly contributes to the fact that 5th ed is fast and furious. Which is what i love about 5th. Complain about mech all you want. But take them away today and youll just be complaining about gun line armies tomorrow.

  6. Indeed vehicles are all the rage in this edition, which is why the GK Termies got a Shiney new Forgeworld GK Landraider Redeemer(literally!).

    Flamestorm Incinerators for everyone!!!


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