Marneus Calgar and his command squad

I got this small commission the other week from on of the guys at my FLGS. Wondering if I could get it done in time for Christmas, I told him I figured it wouldn't be too hard to do.

Even though I've never actually painted any "Ultramarines" before, I figured it couldn't be too tough, besides, it was just Command Squad.

As soon as I got the guys, I knew I was in for some work. The paint was thick and they needed to be properly cleaned of mold lines too.

Time for some paint stripping.
I use Dawn Power Dissolver exclusively for metal models and for most plastics too. I let each one sit overnight to really soak in and make getting the paint out of all the cracks much easier. It only took a little bit of scrubbing and some picking with an X-Acto blade to get all the paint off.

With the paint off, I collected some new bases and backpacks for the squad since the old ones weren't worth saving quite honestly. A litle bit of GW sand and they were ready to go.

I'm moving right along, I've got one guy done, sort of a "test model" to make sure they look alright.

My Client is happy and I'm working on the rest of the squad now. I'll have pics of the finished squad next week sometime.

Sometimes I forget how heavy metal minis are since all I have are plastic these days. But there's no doubt about it, these sculpts are really nice regardless of what they're made of.

UPDATE: Here's the link to the finished squad.

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  1. Nice job! And the Dawn stuff works great!

  2. If my Calgar and Honour Guard can look half as good as this, I'll be a happy man.

  3. Wow, that Honor Guard looks great.

    I'll have to try the Dawn stuff. My son has developed a renewed interest in Space Marines and wants to re-paint all of the stuff that he did long ago.

  4. Nice job!! Do you know where can we buy extra honour guard models other than buying the marneus calgar set? since the box set only comes with 3 guard and a banner guy, how can i get more to make it 10 men??

  5. Anon: That's a good question, maybe an online bits store or convert your own to fill out the squad.
    That way you can pick and choose what weapons you want to equip the additional guys with.

  6. Very nice, very crisp. What colours did you use to get that ncie warm blue Ron? Some UM colours get a rather dark and colder looking appearance. cheers!

  7. Tas: It's Ultramarine blue base color over black primer. Then a quick wash with the GW blue one (I forget the name) and then I used a non-GW color (I don't remember the name either) that is lightly lighter than the result of the washed Ultra blue. The trick was to get a warmer blue as opposed to a cool blue. It took some hunting but I found one.

    You don't realise how big a part warm vs. cool makes when it comes to color selection until you start really looking into it.


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