A look at the new Space Hulk Terminators

Now I don't usually have anything along the lines of breaking news on FTW, it's more about the modeling and painting aspects of the hobby. So this post isn't so much "scoop" on the new Space Hulk Terminators as it is a bit of a review of them.

I've been given the opportunity to paint up the Terminators that come with the new Space Hulk game and I thought I would pass along some of my initial impressions.

After getting my hands on them last night, here's what I think about them...

Each one looks to be about 3 pieces each, The main body portion (legs, one arm, back half of torso), the front (chestpiece with head) and the other arm. They look like they just snap together with a snug fit but I'll be using superglue as well since these will be seeing lots of play.

The ones I've got look to have very little flash on them. The mold lines aren't bad at all. The models look like they have lots of detail to hide mold lines as well. Similar to when there's a purity seal or something positioned where the mold line runs so that it follows down the edge of the seal instead of through the middle of a leg plate. It's "disguised" so to say.

Fairly dynamic. Each one is different and is his own model.

These guys are obviously Blood Angles. Tons of little iconography all over these guys. It would be hard to convert them to another Chapter actually there so much little stuff all over them. Each one has his own details that you don't find on other ones. Lots of blood drops, purity seals, skulls, chains, tabards, etc.
I'm really pleased that they have as much detail as they do. I think they look great and am planning on stealing lots of the ideas for my regular terminators for decorations.

These guys look to be the same size as regular Terminators but they come on irregular shaped "floor" pieces. There's no texture to the base which is kind of a let down considering all the other detail on the model, the base looks really plain in comparison to everything else. I suppose you could dress it up if you were serious about making it fit in with the overall look or you could just paint it black and that would work just as well.

While there's no real room (or need honestly) for converting these guys... using them in conjunction with the regular 40k Terminator Marines might give you some new options.
Once again, if you're going with Blood Angels, you're set, if not, then it might not be worth the effort.
It looks like the other arm on the sprue is basically the same arm that comes in the regular Terminator box set with just some extra Blood Angel iconography added.

Cutting these guys off their irregular shaped "floor" base might be a little bit of work but could be done if you put your mind to it. A serious Blood Angel player might give it a go just to have a few really different Terminators to use in regular games of 40k.

Overall, I'm really impressed with these models, I wish the regular Terminators had this kind of detail. Lots of detail, some great poses and generally cool looking models.

And yes, they fit on 40mm bases.

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  1. I believe they are, the arms look like exact copies of regular terminator arms, just cast on this new space hulk sprue.

  2. I'm very very jealous... I've ordered two sets so I can paint one up BA and attempt to convert the other to RWarriors.

    The ones I'm most looking forward to is the guy with the scanner in his wrist and Mr Lightning Claws.

  3. I checked them out today at my local store and ordered my copy of the game. Both the Termis and stealers look great. The scale is fine when compared against normal termis. The game seemed pretty good also as I watch two players give it a go.

  4. You beat me to it Ron, I just back from hands on with whole Space Hulk box..I'll guess keep off parroting what you've said here, as its spot on.

  5. wow I am jealous! I wish I hadn't just bought the forge world BA terminator shoulder pads. These minis are so much better.

  6. Weird thing is all the genestealer models have special hulk scenic bases vs. the Terminator flat irregularly shaped bases. I think GW really did not want these models used in standard 40K games.

  7. If you think about it, getting that many models for $100 is a steal, so of course they don't really want them used in 40k. Still, it's not going to stop me from magnetizing the bases so I can switch them out for both games. I'm going to have to start a Blood Angels army now.

    I like some of the genestealer poses but too many look like roadkill. I'm going to have to bend some arms to make the poses more dynamic, as well as magnetize the bases so I can add them to my Tyranid force.

  8. Cough. I told everyone they'd want to use these for 40k. It's not hard to clip off some of the iconography, though really--why bother? Paint them in the correct scheme, nobody is going to mind.

    As far as taking the bases off--egads, why? Just put them onto a standard 40mm base and flock over the little stand. Nobody will know the difference.

  9. I guess I am 100% with Stelek.

    I am a Blood Angels player, have already ordered my box and a friend is going to sell me his Terminators for 40K. =) However, he'd like to use his 40K Death Wing Terminators in the Space Hulk game. Does anybody know if the regular round Terminator bases are okay for playing Space Hulk?

  10. I saw these in my local GW this weekend. I told myself that I won't buy this box but after seeing the models firsthand, it's going to be hard to stick to my guns.

    These models are top notch. The plastic almost seems like better quality plastic. The detail is astounding. There are some of the best models GW has produced. I didn't look closely at the stealers but the Broodlord is sick!

    Plus, 100 dollars for 12 terminators is already a deal as the you can get only 10 for the same price regularly...

  11. Yeah but it's still tough for me to say, "It's a deal because 10 terminators cost $100 separately!" These prices need context outside of their own ridiculously inflated values... you know? It's just hard to constantly swallow these prices and only compare them to other high-costed items made by the same company.

    I'll whine about it for a month and then begrudgingly slap some money down. *sigh*

    They are lovely models.


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