Terminator Librarian conversion ready for paint

After I mocked him up and got approval from my friend, I set about actually building him. I ended up turning his head the other way after working out the final pose. I try to make it as natural and convincing as possible.

Building this guy had to go in a specific order. First, I had to greenstuff the shoulder joints, then scratchbuild the pre-heresy shoulder pads and glue them in place.
After that, I could add the cape and greenstuff the fur up to the back of the shoulder pads.
Then I could finally mount the legs onto the body.

I ended up leaving the hood and cables off because I wasn't sure I could get the hood itself right and the fear that the model was getting a bit too busy in that area. Sometimes simple and clean is better especially with everything else this guy has going on.
And he still gets a banner mounted on top too.

My Project Link: Space Marines Commision

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  1. Oh wow... that looks so epic

  2. hey Ron, can you make it clickable for a larger version?
    Looks awesome!!!!

  3. Thanks guys.

    The image can be clicked on now for a slightly larger look.

  4. Great looking model! Lots of character, yet he doesn't look burdened by all the wargear and relics he's toting around.

  5. I agree with Shrink to Fit - the model had a fluidity about him that looks very natural. Nice job!

  6. Just ran across this page on a random Internet search for Space Marine Librarian fluff. Your model is excellent! One might imagine the Chief Librarian of a chapter arrayed in such a fine suit of ancient terminator armor.

    "I will destroy their minds and burn their bodies."

    Well done, sir.


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