Reaver Titan Banner commission

A long time ago, Brian over at The Inner Geek started his his Reaver Titan project. I managed to convince him to let me in on his project and let me do the banners for that monster. That's his monster above that he's working on.

Well that day has finally come.
Brian emailed me the other day and I've already gotten started on the banners. He sent me his ideas along with some reference material and technical info so now it's my job to put all that together.

Look for more to come on this as I start making progress on my small part. If you haven't looked at his project yet, check it out, he's done a great job cataloging his progress for anyone interested in seeing what it's like to build one of these.

My Project Link: Follow my Reaver Titan banner project

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  1. Your banners are really good!

    Hope to see soon the Reaver's ones.

    Good luck!

  2. Rons banners rock! Getting him to do the banners for the Reaver means that they will turn out nicer than if I did them, and as a bonus, frees me up to continue work on titan itself!

  3. Rest assured... I'm going to blog the whole process. It could be a long time before I get to do another set of these.

  4. You'll be getting an order for some banners from me and Porn-Star-Jedi @weemen when we finally get some progress along with our Reavers too! No doubt about it, your banners do indeed Rock!

  5. Hi Ron
    I will remember you if I ever can afford a Titan.

  6. Siph: Looking forward to it, these banners are a litle bigger than average so I really have some room to do the detail work.

    John: Please do as this is as close to a Titan as I'm gonna get anytime soon.

  7. looking forward to your work, and liking the new title... picture... thing and the new schemes ect.

  8. Peter: Thanks, I've been toying with this for a while and wanting to go for the darker background.


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