Here are a few files that can help you with your hobby. I know some of the material may be dated, but I'm leaving it posted in the event it can be of help.
Not all of these are mine, some have been generously shared by other hobbyists to help all of us with the game.

6th Edition Gaming Aids
I've broken the information down into separate sections since not everyone will need all of the info. There are two downloads in this post, Game Summary and Psychic Summary in addition to a link to the new GW FAQs. As I get more time in the coming weeks and learn the new edition myself, I'll be posting my own summaries that are more like flow charts that I find super easy to follow. Until then, these should help.

Psychic Summary (Generation and Powers)
In case you don't want or need all of them and only want to download the one for your army, here are the individual power sheets:
Biomancy, Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis, Telepathy

Game Summary (Movement, Shooting, and Assault)
Games Workshop 6th edition FAQs

The Banner Project
Here are a few banners from a number of sources that you can use to create banners for your own army. It's as simple as clicking on the banner you want, saving it to your computer and using it as a reference to make your own.

Some banners are line drawings and others are colored in. The banners are larger than required to make it easy to trace them and then reduce them down to actual size for your models. In some cases, there are multiple banners under one image. The thumbnails are there to let you know who the banners are for.