FTW Blogger Group v3.0

The FTW Blogger Group is something I started a long time ago (in the blogging world) to bring like minded bloggers together and get some exposure for all the new blogs out there. Lots has changed over time.

The blog group no longer exists as something tangible that can be looked at or clicked on. I'd like to think the idea behind the original Group lives on to this day in spirit. I believe it does.

You may still see the logo out there on some blogs. That may even be how you go to this page.
You've found someone who was a part of it when it all started. You found a blog that supported other bloggers out there and tried to make the hobby more than it was with their contributions to the hobby.
Make sure you thank them for what they've done.

If you'd like to display the FTW Blogger Group logo on your blog to promote the idea of supporting other blogs and making this hobby better, your support would be greatly appreciated. The image directly above should have a clear background (you can put it over colored backgrounds) that you can copy it for your blog and scale it to any size smaller that fits your page as well.

To add the logo to your Blog, just copy the text in the box below and paste it into a HTML widget (for Blogger) on your site.

Even more than just getting listed on a blogroll for exposure, I'd encourage folks to get out there and get involved with other 40k bloggers and discussions. Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this and when you see the FTW logo, make sure to check out the blog and let the Author know what you think of their stuff.

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