A new Space Hulk blog underway

I want to thank everyone who continues to support FTW by visiting every day. It has been tremendous to watch the site continue to help hobbyists out there daily.

While I am no longer updating FTW, the material will remain as an archive for hobbyists to draw from for as long as need be. As for myself, I don't play 40k anymore having sold off my armies years ago. I recently bought a copy of Space Hulk and have started playing that with a good friend of mine.

We have played enough now that he has prompted me to start a smaller blog where we can share what we're up to these days. It's not much, just our armies and some of the rules changes we've made over the past year playing the game so many of us know and love.

That being said, here's the link to the site: Boarding Mission

If you're a big Space Hulk fan like I am, take a minute and stop by and check us out.
Thank you everyone!

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