FTW getting new look and features

It's been a while since I've made any real changes to the site and I figured now that my summer has finally calmed down, it was time to tackle some of the larger issues I had facing the blog.

What has been changed?
The look of the site has changed slightly. The features are still there in their same places and have most of the same qualities as before (post summaries for example). The darker color scheme is from a new template. I went back to a basic Blogger template in order to remove all of the little bits of code I'd collected over the past few years that were no longer being used. All they were doing was increasing page load time and slowing everything down.

When it came time to add things back in, I did not just throw in another coding "rule." Instead, I took a few minutes and figured out how to alter the existing code so nothing new in terms of code had to be added. A bit of a pain, but worth it I think.

I added a link bar back at the top of the site so folks can jump to the other pages quickly. In addition to that, I've added a smaller link bar under that which will allow you all to toggle between all few different categories of posts. Right now, there are only two categories: All the posts and the most popular. I will be adding more as I finish off that feature.

The biggest change of all
The biggest change is the Archives page. It's format has changed completely and allows you all to get to far more posts now. For example, in the past, if you wanted to see what tutorials I had on power weapons, there was one link that went to one post. The trouble was, I had three or four posts that talked about power weapons.

Now, links are categorized based on what they are (modeling, painting, freehand, basing, etc.) and that "power weapon" link will take you all of the power weapon related posts. From there you can choose which one fits your needs.

Posting schedule will be changing
Instead of posting every other day, I'll going to be moving to every third day. You'll only have to wait another 24 hours between posts. It will allow me some additional time to expand on my posts as I feel a little pressed for time these days and I want to be able to invest more time into pictures and diagrams for posts.

All in all, I anticipate these changes helping the site and really helping readers find more articles that are related to what they are looking for. That's the biggest goal, making sure you all can find what you want when you visit.

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your thoughts or suggestions for the new site in the comments below!


  1. You'd still be better off on WordPress particularly self hosted WordPress ie not fromthewarp.wordpress.com

  2. Looking good. I like the new look and have visited the archive section a few times already. As for the less posting deal, quality over quantity is never a bad move. Keep up the great work.

  3. Finding balance is the key thing and if every three days works for you good luck and your followers with follow willingly. I feel my blog is ruling me at the moment, but then I was honest from the start in that it's an addiction and what can I expect. Ha, ha! We're all mad.

  4. Would like to see a tutorial on how you would tackle Astral Claws.

  5. Muskie: You know what, Wordpress is tempting sometimes. I haven't done much research into their platform though. I think that's because I'm so comfortable with blogger at this point.

    Zab: Thanks. I still have lots of things to add to the archive. It's like a spiderwen trying to make sure everything is coneected and can be found. I never realized how much was "missing" or not indexed well enough to be found.

    dwez: You're absolutely right. A balance.

    Jarrod Crossley: Astral Claws huh? I always thought they were a good looking force. Let me see what I can do. They'd be super simple to do honestly.

  6. You dropped the logo, eh? Shame. Alotta people still fly those colours.

  7. Love the new look Ron, and thanks to the new archive I'm going to lose many more hours to perusing all your excellent stuff! Keep the good work up!

  8. Mr. Esty: I plan on working it back into the site, but haven't done it yet. This is the bare bones right now. I go back and forth on the best way to include it in the site since the Group has changed so much.

    rob82: Thanks! Hopefully the new way of archiving will open up more posts to folks.


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