My replacement for Charadon Granite

I was one of those folks who really liked the old Charadon Granite Foundation color. Not because of the exact color it was, but because of all the uses I found for it. It was dark enough that I could use it for simulating chips of paint on most colors of armour. It was perfect for adding text to scrolls.
It's one of those colors that looks like lots of other colors in shadow areas.

It's not really grey, it's not really brown and it's not really green. But... you could add a layer or two of brown over it and it made the perfect base color. If you decided to add a couple layers of grey over it, it worked perfectly there too.

That's what I miss about it.

Now don't get me wrong, I like the new Stormvermin Fur. It's a nice mid tone grey. But it's not a replacement for Charadon Granite. It's not dark enough to do the same jobs. I need something that is a bit darker and similar in it's chameleon like characteristics. I need something that can work well under browns, greys and other muted colors. It just has to show a sliver of itself as a shadow in the recessed area. Nothing more. I just don't want to use black, so someone has to be able to do the job.

Enter Thornwood Green from P3. I was paying off my tab at my FLGS before they sent someone to "talk" to me about what I owed and I happened to find this color in the paint rack as I was looking around. In the bottle, it looks super close to the old Charadon Granite. So I scooped one up to see just how close.

The far left is P3 Thornwood Green. The middle is the old Chardon Granite and the far right is the new Stormvermin Fur. While the Thornwood Green is a shade lighter than the Granite, it is darker than the Stormvermin Fur. That's the most important thing for me.

I think this color will work for me. It's dark enough to do what I want for now. I can add a shade to it to darken it if I need to and maybe the slightly purer color will help me with introducing some color back into the shadow areas of my models and keep me from getting too grim-dark.

So until I find something even closer, it's P3 Thornwood Green for me.

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