Saturday Snapshot, April 28

My desk was a wreck this week as I finished up my second Novamarine test model. As soon as I got him done along with my "review" of the new GW paints (if you can call it that), I cleaned it all off so I could work on a conversion I have.

I'v4 had someone ask me if could build another Chaplain like this one here, but put him in the pose of Gabriel Seth. A very cool model I might add (Seth that is).

I've got a good bit of work ahead of me to include sculpting some capes from greenstuff. A task I have only partially tried at this point. We'll see how it goes with the full cape this time.

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  1. Wow! Very cool chaplain!

    Can't wait to see the result of your 'Seth posed' model!

  2. Not that I have done it since I picked my brushes up again but in ancient history I used to make new clothing for mini's with tissue paper and watered down white glue. Just water down the glue quite a bit and paint it on to your tissue. Never tried a cloak with this method but it might be worth trying.


  3. Absolutely love that Chaplain!
    Would definitely be interesting to see how you mimic the Seth pose.

  4. Taanekh: I'm working on him today. I have to get all the smaller bits together before I can start building him. Thing like the rescuplpted knee pads and such.

    Gary: Thanks for the tip. I think my first attempt will be with greenstuff. If for no other reason than the durability. I've done smaller cloaks... I just haven't done anything large yet.

    Kevin: A judicious use of bits starting with Assault Marine legs. I think the right bits along with the extensive greenstuff work will get him super close to the Seth pose. Enough that folks recognize it immediately.


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