Saturday Snapshot, April 21

You can see my desk is loaded with all my new GW paints. I'm steadily working on my second Novamarine test model with all the new acrylics. It's been a slow week, but I have managed to steal a moment here and there before bed to add a wash or a highlight.

As soon as I get him done, I'll be posting him along with some of my thoughts on the new paint line. I'd like to get the post out as soon as possible, but like everyone else, I'm juggling a thousand things at once and certain things must come first. I can promise that I will have a review of the new paints though. That's for sure.

The new Novamarine is coming along nicely I think. At first, the new paints don't seem to be much of a change for me. That being said, I do paint a certain way and I'll be talking about that in my review. I can say now that I think I prefer the bone armour over the white armour after actually seeing it on the model.

I think the combination of the bone armour and the new darker colored base will be what it takes to really make the model stand out. Here's the first Novamarine test model for comparison.

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