Returning from Deathwatch means what?

After reading up about the Novamarines, I came across a little blurb that talked about their involvement with the Deathwatch. After getting over the idea to do a whole Deathwatch force (which I thought would be super cool idea), I started wondering what the armour looked like of a marine who just came back from his "appointed duties."

I've read that they paint their armour black except for their right shoulderpad which retains their original chapter colors when they are in service, but what happens when they return from their time in Deathwatch? Do they leave their armour black or do they repaint it all to match their original chapter scheme? Do they still sport the Deathwatch shoulderpad on their left arm or is that taken off?

I really do want to include one or two of these guys in my Novamarines force, but I want to do it right from a fluff standpoint. Anyone have any pointers or know what they do to their armour when they return to their chapter?

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