Why it's Ultramarines in 6th edition for me

Does it make sense that someone would play 40k using a chapter of Space Marines that they don't really care about? Makes perfect sense to me. I can no longer play Dark Angels and I need to switch over to Ultramarines.

What in the world am I talking about are you asking yourself?
Here's how it works: I love Dark Angels and all the associated background with them. That's my problem. I love the background more than I do playing the army. We'll put aside the fact that I haven't actually played the game in about a year and by the time I get my act together, I can pick right up with 12th edition.

Here's why I need to play Ultramarines
I look at Ultramarines as a "fun" army and I'm not too wrapped up with winning or losing when I play. I just sort of push the guys along and do the things Space Marines would do. Why? Because they are Ultramarines and I have no real attachment to them like I do when I used to play my Deathwing. I would get so focused on doing the right thing in terms of game strategy and trying to maximize this action or movement that I would lose sight of the bigger picture.

Not competitive to win, but competitive to see what I could do with the army list as it was.

My first step away from that kind of competitiveness a while ago was stopping using a legal list. I started fielding the things I wanted to and played against other similar opponents who did the same thing. Want to put 11 guys in that vehicle, go ahead, it's not a game breaker to me.

The next step was borrowing someone's Ultramarines army once and using them in a game. I had an absolute blast playing them. I didn't feel like I had to win to prove how good my guys were or how good I was at the game, they were Ultramarines already.

Jump ahead to today and I knew I'd made the right decision when I saw a rumor about some of the new Dark Angels stuff saying they'd have access to more and better plasma stuff. The first thing I started thinking about was how am I going to incorporate that advantage into my list. That shouldn't be your first thought... well at least not for me. Time to let the boys go.

I think playing Ultramarines is going to free me up from the need to try and win and prove myself when playing the underdog Deathwing. I'm going to be using a similar list as I did before because I like using those specific models, but I just want to push little toy soldiers around for an afternoon and talk shop. I don't need to win anymore, I don't even need to try and win really. Just getting a few free hours to go out and play 40k with some friends is a big enough win for me.

I'm even going to give them the weapon loadouts I've always wanted...
but was too afraid to do.

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Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Nicely said. At the end of the day, it's about playing the game you want to play... as long as you can find someone else to play it with you.

  2. i finally manged to get a small game in recently - against my 9 year son. who beat me. :(

    it was however great fun, and i'm pretty sure we got a lot of the rules wrong, sometimes in error, sometimes because it just made more sense, but seeing his attitude of "that looks cool, i want to use that!" and get pleasure from it, really confirms to me that thats the way to play.

  3. Ah, the age old fluff/fun list versus competitive list.
    It's a hard split to make, especially as you say, you're invested in the Dark Angels. The change to Ultramarines and no emotional attachment should be liberating. I'm looking forward to see what you think.

  4. I did the same thing the other day facing Templars with a Vraks mixed army...plague zombies, plague orgyne and a mix of IG/chaos marines...the game was for the Templars to take nothing but drop pods or deep strikers and silence 3 hidden Medusa siege guns (if they fired or templars got within 6", theyw ere revealed). It was a fun gamea s zombies kept saying 'braiiiinnnnssss' (plus I got to use 'Join Us...' where a dead model reaniamted on a '6'. (The last few templars to survive actually scattered their pod right next to the surviving gun for a shoe string win)

  5. This pretty much sums up why I've been playing and painting my Crimson Fists lately instead of my Space Wolves. I got so caught up in making it the best army possible within the current rules that I ended up getting away from what made it fun for me (went from 4 Blood Claws packs, to the typical GH/Longfang setup). In fact my CF army has become the list where I play all the things I never ever use with my Space Wolves. Biker Troops, Sniper Scouts, Land Speeders, etc.

  6. I can completely relate to this post... I always pick my army based on how I want it to look.. not necessarily how well it will play. I was in the mode of making some tough lists and then realized that I was getting to competitive at it... so, back to Vanilla Marines it was for me... Nice post.

  7. So will the Ultramarines be getting a full bells and whistles FTW treatment, or more in line with the quicker approach that you posted a while back?

    I say this because I always felt the UM have been, erm, underdone by GW in terms of modelling. Spikey James's UM look great, http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?155922-Spikyjames-Big-40K-log/page2
    as do Garth's

    but even then, I don't think they've gone to town on Romanising them and making them cool in the same way as GW has for Templars, Wolves, etc.

  8. Anon: And that's one of the biggest hurdles if you will... finding another like minded player who is willing to go out on a limb and play the same way.

    Matt Farr: Playing games against younger kids can be lots of fun when you see the enjoyment they get from it. Especially if it's not about the win/lose aspect. They are enjoying it for what it really is, an escape (monsters, dragons, etc) and spending time with someone who is invested in them and what they want to do.

    Adam: It should be loads of fun. I hope once I do get the force together, I can start playing some games and enjoying some Sunday afternoons with the guys.

    Da Warboss: It's all about the story in the end. For me, the rules are there to help write the story as it were.

    SC John: It's true. What's wrong with Ultramarines?

    pdelair: I'm glad to see you've been able to make the transition. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with your Wolves list, it just serves a different purpose... one I don't get into much anymore and it sounds like you are starting to enjoy time away from as well.

    junglesoflustria: Nice to hear you been here, done this. It's good to know others have done things similar. It can be very liberating to build an army based on looks and not rules.

  9. Marshal: I'm still playing with how I'm going to paint them... I know I'm going to do it the dark style and I suspect it will be the quick method.

    I like it because it's quick and it's a bit more painterly and less detail focused. It evoked more of a feeling than it does a technical proficiency when I paint like that.

    I'm actually tempted to pick a lesser known, smaller chapter that you hardly ever see.

  10. I've recently started a 2500 pt army for the boys in blue. I enjoy the hobby side way more than the gaming side, and I can probably count my total number of wins in fifth edition on two hands. Maybe one. I play for fun, and take less than optimum stuff just to do it. What ever is popular I try to stay away from.
    Ron, once again I have to say thank you for this blog. Seeing someone else with the same attitude, especially with such a big following, is nice. I get so tired of scrolling through blog after blog all spouting how evil GW is, and you should only be taking MSU's in your army, etc, etc. I can imagine that you never thought your blog would balloon into something this big. But in the end, your blog will be one that I will continue to follow and read with interest. And respect.

  11. "Want to put 11 guys in that vehicle, go ahead, it's not a game breaker to me."

    Yeah why not? I seriously doubt 10 would fit in that rhino anyways, whereas now you have a veritable SM clown car, lol!

    OOH! Yes pick one of the lesser known chapters! That's what I like to do (especially as my little gaming circle is overloaded with Space Wolves & Blood angels)!

  12. Hear, hear! This is the kind of philosophy I think we should all have as 40k gamers! The vitriol on the internet would hit record lows if more players had this attitude. :)

  13. Darkwing: As a wise man once said, "If you ain't first, you're last."


    Ron: Good luck. I can understand that kind of mindset. It can really ruin an army for you. You almost feel like you're in a gaming rut. I hope this new move sets you free.

  14. Great post. Being chilled out about the hobby is the enjoy it (more), and you won't get wrapped up in it in the wrong kind of way. The nerd rage around the place is just inane; it's (very cool) toy soldiers, guys. Jeez...

    Will you be doing something special with your Ultramarines? There are a couple of classic illustrations from the old Space Marine (Epic) game that sport Ultramarines from obscure campaigns and time periods. Example here >> http://www.stephane.info/res/article/ne_history/thumbnail_EPICCOVE.JPG

  15. Better pic >> http://www.stephane.info/res/article/ne_history/EPICCOVE.JPG

  16. As I'm building my first army, having played little, I am noticing I am going for the "how it should feel" methodology as well. I'm trying to really choose my models based on that urban warfare theme.

    I've been into other hobbies and really cranked up the competitiveness to the point that it wasn't fun anymore. It felt like a burden.

    Hopefully I can allow 40K to stay pristine and enjoyable.

    Good Fortunes!

  17. Asmodai: Thank you Sir. And no, I never though the blog would become what it has today.

    Da Masta Cheef: I'm thinking I may go with Novamarines since they have a cool color scheme and it would give me the chance to paint bone and dark blue.

    Darkwing: I think everyone looks for something different from the game. Find someone who is looking for the same thing as you are from the game and you'll never be bored playing with little toy soldiers.

    BoxerSaint: I'm hoping it does. I think it's the next step for me in moving towards making the hobby what I want it to be instead of letting the internet or the local meta make it something I don't want.

    phiq: Thanks. I think as far as making the force different, I wanted to go with something early (first or second founding) so I could go with the very early Terminator armour profile (Heresy era stuff)

    Ijanus Enitorus: That's a good way of putting it... a burden. I don't want it to become a burden for me. I want the army to be something very cool looking and fun to push around on the table without getting wrapped up in rules or maximizing any particular aspect in order to make them "better."

  18. I agree Ron, paint what you find fun and play what you find fun. If you can find a group of people that you enjoy laughing and rolling dice against, that is all you need.

  19. Hi Ron,
    Great post once again. I've decided to use vanilla marines too but for an as yet un named creation of mine and one of the things I'm going to do is use a nemesis dread knight as a standard Dreadnaught because it just looks cool. As for you doing a seldom seen chapter how about avenging sons, eagle warriors, iron snakes or white consuls? All ultramarine successors as far as I can see and I've not seen many painted , plus I think you could do some awesome work on all with the darker style. Make sure you have fun doing it whatever you choose :-)

  20. The first step is recognizing you have a problem... Really, good on you for seeing it for what it is. A shame you have to give up your favorite force but if it's ruining the game for you than yes, picking a force you can play for fun (which is of course the whole point of playing the game!) is the right move. But uh... ULTRAMARINES?? c'mon, at least pic something cool... Those guys are so BLAH. How about Crimson Fists or White Scars or... or is that getting you right back on the same bad track?

  21. I think people should play 'fun' armies always. Fun for them, fun for their opponent as many people don't get in many games. I too haven't played in well over a year. I just don't have the time and energy to start a new army, I alternate between making my old models look better or be more legal and adding new toys. When the next edition comes out and the next Chaos Codex I'll come up with some immediately playable 1500 point list and use that, then I'll come up with some sort of goal list. I'm thinking of more maneuverability jump packs and bikes. I always was going to do them but never got around it. The other theme I kinda have is walking robots. I have a bunch painted and Forgeworld keeps releasing demon engines. I own a Blood Slaughter and an unpainted Forgeworld dreadnought so they'll get paint, along with 2 or 3 other vehicles. I tend to go for variety rather than repeat the most effective load out. I also seem to be more of a collector than a gamer or a painter...

    Good luck with the boring blue guys. ;-) At least they are unlikely to ever be made illegal en mass.

  22. This is a little confusing to me, only because I'm can't relate to how playing one army makes you approach the game differently than when playing another army. Why can't you play your Deathwing without getting caught up in the win/lose all crunch game play?

    I mean, as long as you are having fun playing the game, it doesn't bother me which army you play, but, as I said, why the need to change armies?

  23. Hey, Ron, that's a great philosphy and basically what the game is about.

    Yet, Tom's right: if you like the Dark Angels and their whole fluff so much, why don't you use THAT to have fun during a game with them? If you like Dark Angels, play them and make them do what Dark Angels do, not what Ultramarines do, since you don't care about those anyway.
    I say, stick to your DA! You've done an awesome job painting them, they look insanely well on the board, I suppose (heck, they look much better than Ultramarines anyways!), and if you and your opponents, sorry - fellow gamers -, treat army list restrictions equally casually, then give them that DA-ish plasma gun love which is so part of their fluff. Use your Devastator squads with 10 plasma guns, and it will feel even more like DA - and winning will become even more secondary than with Ultramarines.

    Gulliman is a douche. For Lion El'Johnson!

  24. Forgive me if I've got the wrong end of the stick here but it's not that Rom doesn't like Dark Angels anymore, but he likes them too much. He feels bound to play as they would, pick certain units and in that was maybe some of the enjoyment is lost. So by picking a vanilla chapter he has more freedom, and the shackles are off.

    Think of it like watching your favourite sports team and dreading them loosing but I you watch two teams you dot care about play you can just be entertained

  25. Tim,

    When I play Space Marine and use my strong builds, I get pumped up and swept away in trying to beat people.
    When I take the lolsy builds, my intensity drops and I am not so invested in whether I win or lose.

    For Ron, he might have that same switch. He _cares_ about the DA, and so wants to win with them. They're _his guys_ and he won't let them take a beating if he can help it. So he starts min/maxing the list, etc. And then the game isn't for kicks. By having a 'lolsy' army, he never gets swept up into that state of white line fever.

    It would be great for him if he was able to switch between the two modes with his DA, but he cares too much about them.


    Ron, have you got the FW Badab books? There is some paint schemes and fluff for the Novamarines in one of them.

  26. I love playing with my Dark angels. So much so That i don't mind losing as long as i have fun being all dark angel like. I've left even left some team mates to die to fulfill my own agendas (they understand most of the time since i play with a bunch of fluf lovers anyway)

  27. I can see where you are coming from as its the background that drives any army build i have ever made.

    I love the BA ever since 2nd ed and then i read the Ragnar books (luckily the wolves got some new mini's) and i had to do a force of SW. I read a lot of HH and so ive been compelled to do a pre heresy Death Guard force.

    I know they all have their own ways of playing and i want them to win but because i'm driven by the modelling and background i'm not going to be focused on 'win at all cost' but does the army perform in the way i have it in my head from reading the books.

  28. The thing is, I'm in love with my Raven Guard as Ron is with his DA. Therefore my lists are first and foremost driven by fluff (Scouts, Assault Marines, Drop Pods etc.), and then on the board they perform just like RG should - which is all the fun I need.
    For me it's like role playing. I love RG, so I play RG in a way which feels completely RG to me, not because I want to win at all costs (winnings's just a a bonus), but because I love my black Batman ninja killer Marines. In an RPG it wouldn't come to my mind to play a character I don't like, because I wouldn't have as much fun as I would have if I took a character I feel attached to.
    Of course, Ron, it's your choice and yours alone, I just thought that it is a real pity switching armies because I like your DA so much better... The best Deathwing Termies I've ever seen, combined with the space ship boarding-themed Dread - if your gaming gropus allows that: plain awesome!

  29. At first, I was a bit disappointed, since Ultramarines often seem a bit ...generic to me. But then, if there's anyone who can pull them off in style, it's got to be you, Ron. So it'll be interesting to see where you are going with this.

    So, something to look forward to after all ;-)

  30. Let me start by saying thanks to everyone who has chimed in here. I don't want this to seem like a post where folks try and convince me to play DA and I cry poor me about the game.

    I just want to share with folks how I feel about armies and winning/losing with them and the importance you give that based on your own force.

    Fayte: It really is. I believe finding like minded opponents is the best way to enjoy the game. Competitive or not, it doesn't matter.

    ieuan: I was looking around at some 2nd founding chapters the other day. I keep going back to the original legions though. I like that time period and what it meant to be a Space Marine back then.

    Brinks Chaos Theory: I think I'm drawn to Ultramarines because they are just little toy soldiers to me. They are what every marine really is. Sure other chapters have great background and stuff, but Ultramarines are 40k to me as a game.

    As for picking someone else, I think if I get into the other chapters I'll end up trying to build them to match the background and there really are only a few units I like to use.

    I love fielding Terminators and they don't fit too well into a White Scars force. I feel like if I were to play White Scars, I should do lots of bikes and such.

    Muskie: They aren't boring... I think this is the army that I've been meaning to get around to for a long time. You know, that one force you would build if you could and weren't afraid of how it would play.

    Hudson: Novamarines do look kinda cool. The split scheme is certainly cool looking and you don't see them very often.

    Tim Madigan: I think the idea is to let go of all the associated baggage that goes with Deathwing and Dark Angels. I love the background, the story, the history, the models and I hate to lose when playing with them. I want them to win (and kill all the bad guys) and come out on top all the time.

    Ultramarines don't have that for me, they are Space Marines and I don't get caught up in the background like I do with Dark Angels. I can do whatever I want with Ultramarines. Maybe even more so with an obscure chapter. Maybe that's the way to go, pick something slightly obscure but not so far as to make my own.

    Kai: There is the option of playing them as a legion and going with the Pre-Heresy feel of the army. Don't get me wrong, I like the DA, I think they have the coolest story, but I'm torn with making them as fun as Ultramarines.

    ieuan: YES! I was struggling for a way to explain it, that's it right there.

    Marshal Wilhelm: I do have them and I am going to look through them for the Novamarine stuff this weekend. See what kind of work it would take to paint them up like that. I think it's IA9 they are in, but I'm not sure.

    Anon (DA): I can appreciate how you play them, I wish I was able to play them like you can.

    Anon (BA): If I built an army for everything cool I ever saw or read, I'd have hundreds of forces. It's cool that you have a few forces to use though depending on how you want/feel like playing.

    Kai: Thanks. I'm just looking for an army I can play and enjoy like you do your Raven Guard.

    KrautScientist: I think that's what most people think of them... including me. But it's the letting go of the other stuff that allows me to be more free with the army and just play the game for fun without all the extra baggage that comes with other armies.

  31. Why not create your own successor chapter?
    I've always liked to create my own chapter - creating my own backstory, paintscheme and symbols is much more satisfying than copying someone elses. Plus if you have your own chapter people are less likely to complain if you use it as all of the different chapters.

    I originally had a bone coloured army back in the day, but my current marine army is the Castellans of Dorn - an Imperial Fist descendent chapter focusing on defense, with a Pedro/Sternguard main army and lots of assault cannons and missile launchers, to reflect their weapons needs during the invasion of tyranid hive fleet that nearly wiped out the chapter to the point that they had to use exterminatus on their own home planet - hence the elite and scout heavy army I currently use. I plan to work on the terminators of the chapter next, and may possibly use a deathwing army list, to reflect the veterans of the chapter going on key missions to establish new beachheads and resources to grow the chapter back to full strength - symbolised by larger amounts of tac squads and assault squads later on in my army's development.

    I designed my own paint scheme - a sea green (adeptus battlegrey with thraka green wash) with gold detailing, black shoulder pads and white helmets and white robes on characters and honour guard. It was a blast to design the paint scheme, and as my army evolves I'm branching into more freehand stuff - the chapter symbol is a simplified glyph of the chapter's planet when they had to destroy it to cleanse the tyranid invasion. I look forward to doing proper freehand banners of this now that my initial army is painted up and I can concentrate on the little details!

  32. Honestly, and maybe this is not the same for you, when I play an army I painted and is "my" army I care more about how I do with it. Regardless of the army itself. This is why trading armies for a game is a blast. Because you don't really care about those models. Does that makes sense? I play Orks for instance and sometimes you paint a "boy" who you really love. it sucks when that model gets removed from the game.

  33. I love my boys in blue even though many see them as vanilla. It may be because my first exposure to 40K was when the guy who got me into the game brought one of the Ultramarines Omnibuses to work. I laughed at how much he geeked out over it, but I immediately loved the Ultramarines' color schemes and symbols on the cover.

    The Ultramarines don't have to be boring, although we've seen their models reproduced ad nauseum in Games Workshop's material. The various paintings and artwork found in the codices and other material have a lot of variety and character. If you really want to go wild, even the Ultramarine's reputation for orthodoxy doesn't prevent you from heavily personalizing veteran squads and characters.

    I definitely agree with others that your enjoyment of the game can be strongly dependent on the crowd you play with. I would never have gotten into the game if I had to go to a game store cold and find someone to play with. Our group started when a coworker got me into the game. Other coworkers showed interest and now we have five regulars who play every two weeks. Since we're all engineers or scientists, we tend to strictly follow the rules, but we're there to have fun. Fluff lists, which are looked down on by some, are encouraged in our group.

  34. I play (and will always play) Death Guard for exactly the same reason; it was the imagery and look of Nurgle's Finest that got me into the hobby in the first place, and I knew that no matter whether they were awesome or sucktacular on the table they were the ones I wanted to build, paint and play.

  35. Thomas: I'm not fond of creating my own chapter. I've always seen it as though there is plenty already there to pick from in the universe.

    donelbayne: Trading armies when you play is an absolute blast to do. Just remember to be careful with you opponent's models!

    James: I don't think they have to be boring either. I think maybe they get a bad wrap sometimes, but don;t all chapters at some point?

    Svartmetall: I too think Nurgle have some of the best imagery out there. I just don't get into the slime and such. Of the four powers, I think their's is one of the best though.

    Veez: Thank You!

  36. I'm not sure why the Ultramarines get such a bad rap for being codex purists. Just because their primarch is supposed to have written _THE_ codex astartes doesn't mean they are boring or not worth playing out.

    I completely see where Ron is coming from in the article and it's the same reason I stopped playing my Dark Angels a long time ago. I wanted them to be fluffy, so I gave them plasma, and lo, I couldn't make a plasma overheat armor save to prevent my gunners from dieing. Trying to play them fluffy got them killed, which got me less interested in painting them or playing, so here I am having not played a serious game since the end of 4th Ed.

    For my vanilla, I've started up a Doom Eagles army with a basic netlist(silver + red for the easy to paint win). I figure they'll be done in time for 6th ed and I'll get to learn to play again.


  37. Civik: Glad to know someone out there feels my pain. It's not that I don;t like Dark Angels, it's that I enjoy playing Ultramarines fro the detachment.
    I'm actually think i'm going to go with the Novamarines for the paint scheme.

  38. I like to win and if possible, with honour, but that's just maybe because I am someone who always have to fight to get something from life. We are all unique.

  39. Anon: Don't get me wrong, winning is fun... but it's not how I remember my games. I don't look back and remember the wins and losses. I look back and remember how much fun I had.

  40. I'm glad to see that someone thinks like me about games and winning. It´s always good to win but for me, it´s not imperative. I rather enjoy game with couple of beers and good old fun :D

    Brother Perun, Manufactorum

  41. Manufactorum: Imperative... that's a good word for it. It's about the fun you have playing.

  42. Awesomely put. I too gave up on Dark Angels only for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. I too paint more than play, and haven't rolled dice since the 3rd edition. But, when I was shopping at one of my local hobby stores I found the ironclad dreadnought. I thought, whoa awesomeness hath befallen my eyes! This thing is badass and quickly made the purchase. So after getting home and 3 days assembly I whipped out my DA codex and started looking for rules. Like I've stated, haven't played in god knows how long, but I always remembered somewhere between now and then and a few different rule books and codexes, that somewhere it would always read "refer to the space marine codex or 40k rule book for more info. But as most you know, things have changed. I was sad. Can't use this new beast of plastic in my planned army. Aw... Well after thinking what will I do? Paint and play another army. It's time. For one I didn't really like the new dark angels green vs. 3rd editions. And so on. But yeah I was in for the demo paint thing at my local gw store and loved the new caliban green. Sigh...lol.

  43. relic: It's a love hate thing with DA players I think. Glad to know that you've at least found the occasional model to stir your interest and keep you painting though.

  44. Well, I stumbled into here following a link for the Storm Wardens and this little gem caught my eye. Welcome back from the Dark Side. I've been playing 40K since the tail-end of 40Kv2 and have NEVER had any interest in the competitive side. It's always been the fun and fluffy* side for me so I can appreciate you've desire to step away form the competitive side to have more fun with an army. I'm afraid I have to chime in with the folks that said "Ultramarines? Why?" but it's not my boat that needs to float and if this works for, more power to you. After v6 arrives, I look forward to an update to see how your expectations pan out.

    * fun, not funny as silly has no place in a genre this dark, regardless of what those few dolts in charge of GW think that managed to throw away silly Dwarves but not silly Orks.

  45. St.Germaine: Thanks. Ultramarines were the starting point, I've decided on Novamarines for the paint scheme.

    I'm hoping 6th breathes a little more narrative and life into the game. I don't mind the competetive, but I'd like to see the other side supported a bit more too.

  46. I had the same feeling with my DA army: I was more and more frustrated by the v4. I throwed the DA codex to hell with 40kv5.
    I -HAD- to be allowed to play cool minis as the Ironclad Dreadnought in my army. But I didn't want to start a new army. That's why I'm playing my DA as a vanilla SM army.
    This allows me to have fun in games and waiting for a new real DA codex. And buy all the new shiny SM minis.

  47. Aarghal: It's frustrating that the codex doesn't really fit the feel of an army sometimes. But it sounds like you were able to make it work.

  48. Novamarines, Stormwardens, Steel Confessors. Those are three great unheard of chapters.

    Can't wait to see your Novamarines!

  49. Jacob Sawyers: I've really taken to the lesser known Chapters (outside of Ultras). I think seeing the not so common paint schemes adds something to an army.


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