FTW Blogger Group changes... once again

Perhaps one day, I will learn my lesson. I suppose that is the definition of crazy isn't it? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

This past week, I decided to relaunch the FTW Blog roll using the new criteria and the same blog roll widget I had before. And it worked for a little while. Now I'm back to having the same issues as before. That means I have taken down the roll once again. Anyone seeing a pattern here? I can see it now.

What in the world is going on now?
I think it's time I say the FTW Blogroll had a good run and let all of the other blogrolls that have popped up since FTW started the whole thing have their day in the spotlight. That being said, if you're a Blogger and have a blogroll you'd like to let others know about, email me and I will add your link to this post.

I will continue to follow everyone that I did before the original roll came down and especially those who just resubmitted their links. I've got all you folks in a separate folder so I can keep track of you. Everyone will remain in my RSS reader though.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been supportive through this whole thing. Muskie from Musk's Miniatures has been a big help in all this with pushing me to try new things and other platforms (as resistive as I am). He has been doing some work on a much larger scale than I have with trying to combine even more resources together. I wish him the best of luck. He has the technical skill to pull it off I'm sure.

So what are some other blogrolls out there?
To kick off the list, let me point you in the direction of GDMNW. They have contacted me a couple of times and we've talked about blogroll issues before. They have a blog roll and you'll have to look at their site for the criteria to get listed.

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT able to speak as an expert about any of the blog rolls listed below, so you'll need to do your homework and see which ones are where you want your blog to be listed or not.

House of Paincakes
Tale of Painters

So what do I do with the FTW Blogger Group logo then?
Keep it and fly it proudly. Say you were there in the beginning when it all came about. Just like the original Space Marine Legions, you were there when it all started. As for me, I am going to keep posting the best stuff I can, I'm going to get listed on a few of these other blog rolls and I'm going to keep a watchful eye for that one glimmer of light that may one day pop up in the future that brings me back into the blogroll world.

I've opted to leave the comments section open, but I'd like to ask folks to refrain from praise (as nice as it is to know that the things we do are appreciated) or suggestions on how to "fix" the problem. If you really want to show your appreciation, drop FTW into your RSS reader or blogroll and stop by regularly.

Thank folks and make sure to check out some of the other blog rolls listed above.

- Ron

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your experiences with blogrolls in the comments below!


  1. I will check out that blogroll and fly the flag high. The Emperor protects!

  2. I will also keep it in mine, because FTW also means... FOR THE WIN!!!

    And while we stay united against the enemies... we will win all battles

  3. A pity you've met technical difficulties, Ron. Who knows, perhaps some day you'll be able to resurrect the blogroll. Should I ever manage to crawl out of my hole in the ground and start a functioning blog, I'll be looking for an opportunity to fly your colors - provided my content will be 40K-ish enough.

  4. I'm not sure you will want to promote them since they are hugely irreverent and swear quite a lot but House of Paincakes is my blog-roll of choice. they have some fantastically amusing writers and some excelent weakly feature posts. their 4 blog rolls include everything under the sun and are updated weekly.


  5. Thank you Wulfen.

    Marcin: It's not about the content or game system. It's about supporting other blogs. I tried to do it originally (with some success I like to think) and it grew to be more than I could handle from a number of aspects.

    The rebuild was another attempt at capturing that support even if it was in a more focused way.

    It's not about the content you post on your blog or if you even have one, it's about getting out there and communicating with folks, commenting and getting involved in the hobby.

  6. Still keeping my banner up and proudly displayed!

  7. Altreides: I't not my place to say which ones are "good" and which ones are "bad." I'm simply going to offer links to those places that offer alternatives for bloggers looking to get listed in a blog roll.

    It will be up to the individuals to do their homework and decide what is right for them. If they contact me and are interested in being added, I'll add them to the post.

  8. What Ron you do not want to take hours off your modeling just to maintain your blog,jeeze talk about selfish.
    J/K :p
    The FTW tag was what drew me here in the first place the fact that it was a spin on the NBA's symbol
    I wish you'd made T-Shirts,I'd rock one proudly hint,hint

    Your site even without the roll is still one of the best out there,I aint going anywhere ;)

  9. Sorry hearing this. So i'm not changing your banner.
    See you soon.
    Best wishes

  10. I don't know if I want extra attention, maybe a much younger me... I wondered if you would encounter the same problem as you did before. There are some good news readers out there and some news aggregators and people are building new stuff all the time. So maybe one day a tool will be created that does what you want... I keep fiddling with the code and trying various additional tools and feeds, but ultimately sometimes less is more.

    I think I try to follow too many feeds, but trying to display 100s of feeds at once and trying to merge them and pull the first image from all of them is somewhat computationally intensive, but the big problem is people expect it to render instantly and on their smart phone. It was only ever your blog's sidebar, it just got too much work to maintain. The End.

    There are a lot of gaming news sites now, I prefer Tabletop Gaming News but it depends on what games you play I guess. I'm trying to focus my hobby efforts more on painting and when I play I try to have fun, I leave the WAAC and 'Ard Boyz stuff and online pissing contests for people who haven't learned better. ;-)

    Good luck.

  11. You inspired me to start up my own blog - I have no intention of taking you logo down at all!
    Also, might I recommend Warflake's blog roll www.40kn00b.com - I find it has quite a few good blogs on it and many are quite small but very talented.
    Thanks for all your work Ron!

  12. Will and Clyde: Thanks and make sure you keep speaking up around here.

    Vargna: Yes, that's another roll as well.

  13. Face it Ron. From the Warp is an institution now, we're proud to carry the FTW logo.

  14. I'm proudly keeping the FTW banner up on one inch warriors. It's a stamp of pride, a badge of honor, a tribute to awesomeness, etc, etc.

    Plus I always liked how it looks like the MLB/NBA logos!

  15. I'll be keeping the banner flying high. I think this is really quite sad. While there were guides and rules I really liked the non-elitest attitude of this group. I truly hope this is not the end of this blog roll and is just another technical hiccup in an ongoing evolution.

  16. How sad, especially since I only just joined this great family ;-)

    But while I too am hoping for a rebirth somewhere down the line, you should really not be wasting time trying to solve stupid technical problems, Ron. Focus on creating fantastic content, as you usually do. That's the meat and potatoes, everything else is just bonus. And like I said earlier, you don't owe us anything!

    Oh, and it goes without saying that I'll also be keeping that FTW logo ;-)

    Keep the quality content coming, Ron! It's what you do best ;-)

  17. wow, just now that I started a blog 2 days ago, hoping I could join your blogroll (I started a blog because you inspired me so much)

  18. Isn't it possible to host all this eavy blogroll anywhere else, and to link it on the FTW website?

    I'm definitly not an expert of this kind of computing problem, so I don't know!

    If you need to register another domain name to do it, I'm sure many guys from the community could help you (I could!)


  19. I will be proud of keep the FTW logo :D

  20. Sorry to hear that the blogroll is over since it was one of the best things about FTW.

  21. This was the gate way to everything. It's now difficult to find another that was as good.

  22. there's a large blogroll on figoblogotheque (?) that seems to list most of the historical blogs out there, as an alternative to the warhammer-centric rolls.

  23. Listen guys, I appreciate the kind words and I know lots of folks followed the rolls. But to do it well (and more importantly, the way I wanted to) takes lots of time, lots of energy and a good bit of technical skill... and some kind of widget that will allow me to do it. Anyone who tells you different is not giving you the full story or you're not getting the attention you deserve being a member of their blogroll.

    I know folks are going to be disappointed it's gone. There are other blog rolls out there. Just make sure you know what you are getting involved with. It's like anything else in the hobby.

    KrautScientist really hit on it with his comment. With the limited time I have these days, I do not need to spend it on technical issues 24/7. I want to be doing cool things with the time I have. And these days, my time fairly limited as well. I'm hoping my time opens up a bit this summer, but I won't know for another two weeks or so (work related things).

    I'm going to really try and up the level of the content here. I'm going to continue posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I don't count the Saturday Snapshot since that's just for fun.

    I hope folks continue to stop by for the content despite the fact the FTW blog roll is no longer posted. I know when I visit someone's blog, it's for their content alone and not for the links they have. I came to see their stuff. It's why I am keeping everyone in my RSS reader.

  24. Something about the Tale of Painters blogs doesn't render at all on my computer. I use a MacBook Pro and Opera. I still like tabletop gaming news, but my attempts to leave comments on this post seem to have failed...


  25. "I hope folks continue to stop by for the content despite the fact the FTW blog roll is no longer posted."

    This place built-up and brought together a community, and now there's no hub to hold the center. Now it's just another hobby blog. I wish you all the best, but I will miss "the old days".

  26. Ron, from my perspective, you are the pioneer of 40K blogging.

    Long live From The Warp!

  27. Mr Esty: I understand your feelings. Perhaps you are right, maybe I am nothing more than just another "hobby" blog. Maybe that's always been the case, it's just been masked by the blogrolls.

    If FTW cannot provide you with what you are looking for, I hope you are able to find it someplace. Perhaps a combination of other sites will be able to provide you with the hobby content you desire.

    oni: Thank you Sir, but there are lots of folks out there blogging hard everyday.

  28. Sorry, but I can no longer keep still. I think we're looking at two things here:

    First there's the blogroll: It was an awesome tool, no doubt about it. But it was also a means to an end and not the other way around. Now that one tool doesn't work anymore, that's a shame. But the community is still there. The people are still there. The sense of like-mindedness about how to get the most out of the hobby is still there. All that is not something that is tied to some stupid web 2.0 widget. Not to offend anyone who liked the blogroll, it was great. But that it's no longer there certainly isn't the end of the world.

    Second: [i]Now it's just another hobby blog[/i]
    No it's not! While this might be a matter of personal preference, what drew me to FTW was never the blogroll but the quality content on the site, be it Ron's own stuff or him featuring other people. It's about trying stuff in the hobby, stepping outside your comfort zone, about seminal ideas that are so great that you want to try them at once while also going "I should totally have thought of that myself!" And all of that is still there and will continue to be there. That is why I stop by here at least once a day. And to me, it's far more important than some list. And as long as there is quality content on FTW (as I know there will be), there will be people talking about it, exchanging ideas and ultimately forming a community.

    I hope I didn't offend anyone, I just felt the perspective in this whole matter getting slightly off kilter, so...yeah ;-)

  29. KrautScientist: I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here. I think it's important to remember that folks come/came/continue to visit to FTW for lots of different reasons. Some the content, some the blogrolls.

    With the blog rolls gone now, I suspect some of those folks who came just for that may move on and I understand completely.

    The content is not going to change here, if anything I am getting better at putting stuff together...or I hope I am as I keep at it. But, the site could very well be "classified" as another hobby blog now. Do I like to think of it as more? Absolutely. Do I hope to keep building a community here? Absolutely.

    Only time will tell and until then, I'm going to keep doing the hobby stuff I love and sharing it with those folks who continue to stop by.

  30. Ron, I wasn't trying to belittle your blog content at all. The blog rolls weren't "masking" anything... but one without the other doesn't equal the same kind of experience (Black Dot Barrel Studios?).

    KrautScientist I posted more about my views on it here:

  31. Mr Esty: I like to think I know your comment style here and I do not take it as that at all. I value all comments here no matter what aspect they highlight. I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts here.

  32. TY for all your work Ron ... I will keep reblogging your quailty posts (which is most of them !!!).

    TY again :)


  33. ... oh and still carry the logo too !!!


  34. @ Mr. Esty: Thanks for the link, mate! I read your thoughts on the matter and see where you're coming from. Once again, I was not trying to offend anyone. least of all you.

    Here's the catch though: I think that the end of the blogroll does not necessarily herald the end of this community. Is it inconvenient? Sure. You say that with the FTW community, you felt like you were part of a discussion. Same here! But I think it's not at all guaranteed that this discussion is at an end along with the blogroll, so we should not treat it like a foregone conclusion.

    Instead, let's continue the discussion! In the comments section, if need be. It might work, though we will all have to work a bit harder and take less for granted.

    Sorry for ranting once again. Now I'll just focus on the new content, Ron (already commented on the new post).

  35. Is T-G-N or Table-top-gaming-news a banned phrase here. As I swear I repeatedly suggested their blog network as it seems pretty open and although not as consistently high quality as FtW, their technology seems to work, I think Zac set that up shortly before he sold it.

    Is it because that website is now more commercial?

    Anyway back to trying to be more productive. ;-)

  36. Muskie: Not at all. We all know what kind of language is "banned" on FTW.

  37. I am rather new to the Blogging community but have established a decent sized Blogroll and would appreciate the good refferral. Here is my Blog... Warhammer In Progress


    and the Blogroll...



  38. I know this comment is a bit late but would just like to thank you personally for overseeing the blog roll for so long. I often looked through it and found many great sites and it was also a big help to me when I set up my own blog.

  39. Thank you Snake88. All comments are welcome regardless of the date.


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