Chaos Daemon concept artwork with model

My Daughter drew this guy up this past week and I thought it would be a perfect break from the normal stuff posted here. She was doing it as part of a school science project about the planets where they had to create a couple different aliens that might live on some of the other planets on our solar system.

She told me very simply...
"This guy comes from Mars and Mars is about the God of war."
Well that explains the spear. Good enough for me.

It gave me smile and I figured you all might enjoy her insight as well.
Note the blood on the spear tip. This guys is all business apparently.

Then I got the idea to convert and build this guy as an actual model. I need to say a huge thanks to my friend who gave me the model to use. The base is a round lipped one from Secret Weapon Minis and not your standard 40k base to make him look more like a display piece instead of a game piece.

Khorne Bloodletter

He came out alright. He was definitely a blast to build and paint. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to take a regular daemon and make him look more like the art. I think I was able to capture the artist's representation in my conversion.

The horns were cut off, trimmed down and remounted upside down. His head is just the front half with the exposed back portion filled in with greenstuff. The staff is scratchbuilt from plastic rod and a spare tip. I used a regular sword arm and just cut away the sword. And the nose... it's a wire that was attached to his face and covered with greenstuff.

For a bit of actual hobby content, I've added a handful of Chaos banners to the banner page for those who might need one in their army. Check them out.

Rumor has it she drew three other aliens. If I can get my hands on the pictures, I might see what else I can build.

EDIT: Since a few people asked in the comments, here is my Daughter's critique of my work:
- Nose is excellent, spot on.
- Love the horns.
- Like that there are spikes on the fingers and toes.
- Teeth need to have blood on them.
- No mark on the shoulder.
- Very good overall.

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  1. That's brilliant! I bet your daughter loved seeing her drawing "in the flesh" as it were. What a lovely idea. :D

  2. Very cool. I hope we can get her reaction to seeing the model and perhaps her own criticisms. No matter how we try, it's hard to duplicate a child's imagination!

  3. Great work. What did your daughter think of it?

  4. She said she liked it when I showed her the WIP. My wife said she thought it was cool when she finally saw the completed model.

    I will ask her tonight for a more in depth evaluation of my work and post here reply here.

  5. Haha. Very cool. My daughter has some years to go but I can see myself doing the same thing. 8)

  6. Happy it went to a good cause! The model turned out very nice martians clearly need long noses to better smell their prey.

  7. Really entertaining reading, thanks for sharing this familiar story.
    Looking forward to the next aliens!

  8. What a great story and nice execution of the conversion!

  9. Normally I take your blog entries as lecture of a new technique or an excellent execution of painting\ modelling\ conversion and today I was gladly surprised since it was more what I needed for a Sunday evening.

    Hope you carry on working on you daughter ideas.

  10. My favorite post in ages!
    So fun :)

    (One minor quibble, I know the client didn't mention it, but; that base looks great~ but doesn't look very Martian to me. A quick dusting of some warm weathering powders would have put this one over the top)

  11. Without a doubt you had your Sunday Best on when you created this exquisite model for your daughter. Hope you don't mind me throwing you a shout out on my weekly themed top-x. Cheers and thanks for sharing.

  12. Russ: Thank you for the model! The other bits are back at the store waiting for you if you haven't already picked them up.

    Kynikos: If the teacher returns the other aliens, I'll see if I can get my hands on them.

    jabberjabber: Thanks. I missed some things, but they were small. She might be tougher on me next time.

    Anonymous: Glad it was a nice change of pace. It was fun to try and build it based off the artwork and not what I "know" about daemons in 40k.

    Mr.Esty: Very true. I completely dropped the ball there.

    ICs and HOTpanda: Thanks!

  13. I'm curious does the nose help him to sniff out his enemies?

  14. Steve: I can only assume it does... but to be honest, I'm not sure. I just build what the artist draws out.

    lycanthropica: Thanks, it's not a term you hear often when describing daemons though is it?

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  16. Just saw this... made me think of your kid

  17. Lmao! This is excellent! Very nicely done!

  18. junglesoflustria: I'm still holding out that the teacher will return the rest of the drawings so I can see what else I can build.

  19. what a nice dad,bet she loves watching you do the models

  20. Unknown: She did get a kick out of seeing the finished model.


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