Where models go once I'm done with them

Image from a friend of a friend of a friend.

I know it seems odd, but if you're a commission artist or you do any kind of work for someone outside your gaming group... do you ever stop and think about the models once they leave your desk?

I don't. Not normally.

It's not until someone sends me a cool pic like the one above that I'm reminded there's someone out there enjoying the use of the model. After seeing this pic, I remember painting the Rhinos there. I remember spraying them black and carefully cutting out the door icons so each one had that extra touch.

Kind of like looking through an old photo album and saying,
"Oh yea, I remember that!"

I'd like to thank my friend for sharing the memories.

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  1. Interesting post, Ron - when flipping through the old picture albums on my gallery site (http://www.cold-moon.com/40k/Default.htm) I often wonder whether they are still seeing battle on a table in a distant land. Very rarely I'll run across a picture of old models of mine being re-sold on ebay, but I have yet to come across any out in the wild on the blogosphere. After 20+ years of 40k, it's safe to say that there's a lot of my old models out there somewhere.

    ...And oh, what I wouldn't give to have some of them back (The trio of Mk. 1 Land Raiders, countless Armorcast Titans, and so on)!

  2. A friend of mine appeared with an Eldar army I had painted as a teenager and sold to him about 10 years ago and it was a huge spin out for me, while I couldn't actually remember painting any of the army at all, upon seeing and touching it I knew it was my work.

    He actually has portions of my old World Eaters army kicking around as well which is a nice spin out as well as some special characters I think I painted for his 15th or 16th birthday as a gift (Including Kharn!).

    Quite funny really, I suppose it is like everything you put your soul into. Old bikes I have modified and sold as well as cars I have done the same with have the same effect on me when I see someone riding/driving around in them or see them up for sale.

    You'll always have a connection to these things.

  3. What a fun post! I hope this inspires a flood of "where are they now" pictures from your past clients :)

  4. I did a trygon up for a friend, a giant and a couple vampire count models for a friend, and I'm constantly reminded of them every time I play against him.

    Except the giant. By cor, I see that thing, and I think 'what?' Even though I know I painted it, I see it so rarely, that I forget it.

    It's a nice memory. Know the feeling.

    Of course, I can't paint nearly as well as you can.

  5. Mordian: You know, I look back and I don't really regret selling the things I did. I feel like I got the most from them when I had them and now someone else is enjoying them.

    Redscorps a.k.a Red: Very true, it doesn't matter what hobby you're into does it.

    Mr.Esty: I do get pics every now and them from Clients. Most of the time it's conversions I've done that they have painted up on their own. It's kinda cool to see the finished model at that point.

    Diaord: It's not about painting skill as it's about seeing something you put time and effort into on the table under someone else's control.

    I do have some projects that I've done for friends that I won't play against like a Bloodthirster Bloodbath formation. There's no way I'm going to let that mess clobber me on the battlefield.

  6. It is interesting. I very rarely have painted things on commission. Building and converting is a much different story, and I always enjoy seeing pictures from my clients of how they or whoever they hired painted them.

    The year that my Khorne Demon army took best appearance in the Chicago GT. A center piece model that I built for someone that was painted by him, helped garner him best appearance at the Baltimore GT. It was like winning twice for me.

    As to my personal stuff that I have sold, I generally don't want it back. The longer I go in the hobby, the more I look back on that stuff and see all the flaws in it.

  7. That's funny - that's Endgame in Oakland. I play there on a semi regular basis!

  8. I see some of my commissions once a month when our gaming group gets together. Funny thing is that I never really think about them but it was strange to play against an army I had painted myself. Have you ever done that?

  9. The ICs: MY friend used to live out that way so that's no surprise.

    Warpaintguy: Not against a fully painted army, but I have played against an army that had a few character models in it that I painted.

    It's almost like your playing against your own army when you look across the table.

  10. Ron, I played against The ICs in my last game. He brought a very nice chaos army. The army has been getting a bit more work these days?


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