What if I don't post and comment instead?

Space Hulk Deathwing terminator

Each week, I try and post what I've been working on as I go along. The other day, I commented on a post as to why I don't leave many comments anymore. The short of it was that if I were to comment on every blog in the FTW blog rolls (and spent only a minute on each one), it would take me over 11 hours to go through all of them.

I feel as though I'm cheating those I don't comment on when I only leave comments on a few posts each week. Like there is some kind of special criteria I use or something. Truth is, my time is so limited and I don't get as much time as I would like just to cruise the rolls these days. When I do leave it comment, it's because someone has pointed me to something or I found it and it struck a nerve with me.

I've decided that today, I will not post anything that I'm working on and I will point you all to the blogs that I left comments on for the past few days. So sit back, enjoy the change of pace today and take a look through the few things I found that caught my eye enough to leave a comment.

The first two did not get comments, but they are regular stops for me.

The Barter Bucket each weekend on Santa Cruz Warhammer to see if there is anything I have in my tiny bits collection that might help someone out.

The Heroes of Armageddon updates found around the web. This time it happened to be on Dave Taylor's site where he just got the foam for the Steel Legion army. Man I wish I was able to have done a banner for those guys too along with the Blood Angels one I did.

Where I did leave a few comments:
1. Excommunicate Traitoris posted a very cool looking Wolf Guard Terminator.
While I don't play Wolves, the picture caught my eye in the roll and I like the muted paintjob. Besides it's always interesting to see how Wolf players go about tackling the "gery armour"... similar to seeing how other Deathwing players paint their bone color.

2. Cupboard of Nurgle caught my eye with his headline, "How to make smoke and wreckage markers." A very cool and simple effect it turns out I've seen before, but it's cool to see someone take the time to share how it's done step by step.

3. Grey Knights of Titan caught my eye with the headline of "Painting Grey Knights classic color scheme" It's a nice step by step article on how to get a better than average look to the blue tinted silver effect. The real reason I stopped by though was that I thought Grey Knights were originally gold way back when.

4. The Eagle of the ninth's headline on how to make your own weathering powders got me to stop by for sure. Things like this that interest me and can potentially save me money are definite stops during the day.

5. Blood for the Blood Angels grabbed my attention by mentioning FTW in his Thank You post intro and I usually stop by to see what folks have to say when they do that. Turns out it was a simple thank you for being added to the FTW blogrolls so I made it a point to welcome him to the Group again.

6. Dug-a-Tron's Dark Angels posted this thunderhammer conversion that caught my eye. Very simple and gives them a completely different look.

7. Iron Wolves posted this "Fixing Drop Pod doors" post and after recognizing the picture he used, I wanted to see what exactly he did with it. Turns out he used a couple of my pics and was able to point out a key aspect of making sure your pod doors close properly.

Make sure to check out these posts as they might help:
But what should I post about?

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Good heavens, don't feel guilty for commenting Ron, and don't feel guilty for not commenting on everything. Even those of us with a scant few hundred blogs on our own rolls can't do that. The average post gets many more viewers than commenters; don't worry about it.

  2. Hi,
    in austria we have a very good sentences:

    "The gentleman silently enjoys"

    I like your blog, but i don't comment every post.

    best regards from austria


  3. sonsoftaurus: I sort of feel comforted knowing that blogs get visited by more than just my views by being in the blogrolls. Still, I'd like to comment more on the ones I do visit.

    warpspider: What a great quote. I think that does a good job of expressing it.

  4. Hey Ron

    Definitely don't feel guilty about not commenting, I've had to stratify the blogs I follow to those that I try to comment on regularly, those that I comment on when I get the chance, and those that I just barely have time to skim over the posts let alone comment. I'll admit that I don't comment on here as much as I'd like as I find that everything I want to say has already been said by the time I get to a post, but I definitely read every post from this blog religiously.

    To prove the power of your blog, your brief mention has just jumped my little post to the most viewed post of the month for me!

  5. Good grief man, last week you had everyone apologizing and this week you are feeling guilty about not posting comments at 1000 or so hobby blogs. You need a vacation. Those of us that are diehard hobbyists understand that part of not posting. When I post things on Forums, and I post a lot on forums, I don’t expect to get more than 1 comment in every 150 views. And if I were to post comments on everything I looked at on Forums and Blogs, like you I would not have time to do the hobby things I want to do, so generally I post just comments on things that really attract my eye, or on peoples stuff that I personally know. And I don’t lose sleep over it. If people feel that I’m arrogant and don’t post or see me on their followers list, well their wrong, and its just that I haven’t the time or haven’t made the time. But I won’t apologize or feel guilty about it. I have other far more important things to worry about. And you, just with the creation of this network have done far more than the vast majority of us in this hobby. And I greatly appreciate that effort.

  6. I'll be honest, I don't know how some of you guys comment as much as you do. I cruise through the rolls and I'm always finding comments on things and I feel like I'm usually late to the party.

    And here I thought I was busy.

  7. Ron, man seriously..

    Okay, first off thanks for the comment and the shoutout, I for one will say that it does mean soemthing when you comment, because you're a good painter, and any comments form you carries weight. but you shouldnt obsess so much.

    we all get it. sometimes I read a few posts, think "cool" and dont say anything, we all do, you can;t beat yourself up about it, post whyen you can, comment when you can, or feel moved to, but please dont feel bad for not doing those things.

    if you go a week without a post, we wont be mad :) if i make a post and theres no comment form you, I'm not angry Ron, face it, we love the site, we love reading your posts and your comments, and we're glad for what you do manage... the street doesnt flow the other way, at least not for me, i'm not going to labour the point further, but just for thos hwo..


    we love you.
    it's all good.

    oh and thanks for the shoutout :)

  8. I admit, I often feel bad about not commenting enough, and indeed not reading every post by every blog on my blogroll.

    Would that I could. :(

  9. First of all cheers for the shout out, our Cupboard of Nurgle blog is only about 3 months old and just being mentioned here has increased the traffic and nearly double our followers!

    I look at the blog reel and whet ever image or caption grabs my attention I will have a look. Admittedly I will rarely leave a comment, usually due to what Andy bG has mentioned that you would only be repeating what's said or just down to not having enough time, so don't beat yourself up about it :)

  10. See, I like this post. I haven't seen half these Blogs.. and I'd like to think I cruise through the blog rolls as often as I can!!

    Thanks for the shout outs to those folks, Ron, I've got their windows open now as I catch up from being on vacation :)


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