Warhammer 40k is like fishing right? What?

Normally I'd try and put my own spin on something for my intro, but in this case, I'm simply going to post an excerpt from Inquisitor Lord Aki's blog that says it best.

"My father and I would go fishing when I was younger and it would frustrate me to no end to see him patiently casting and casting and not catching anything. How could he be so patient? How could he be so calm? I wanted to move the boat, go someplace else, try a different lure... anything. Yet he sat in the same place and continued to cast and cast, not a care in the world.

It wasn’t until after I was married and had job and family responsibilities that I understood. He wasn’t in the boat casting and casting and casting just to catch fish. His primary concern was getting the line wet.

If the line was not getting wet, then he was back in the world where the wife is nagging about something, the kids need to be punished, the boss is getting on his case, or something in the house needs to be fixed.

When you remove the stress of needing to catch a fish, the whole experience is so much better."

From Winning is not my Primary Concern, Inquisitor Lord Aki

Wow. I found this the other day despite it having been posted for some time now. I can't think of a better explanation of how I play the game. It's not the win/loss ratio at the end of the day, it's simply the experience of playing the game with some friends.

I truly hope everyone gets to play the game like this at some point in their gaming "life." You will not have a better experience. I was lucky to experience it once to date and it still stands as my best game of 40k ever.

I did a post about my experience a while back as it covers the idea of Narrative Gaming. The post has a quick battle report and a link to the narrative part that leads up to the actual game (for those looking for some bedtime reading... it's crazy long).

In addition to that, there is some info on Narrative gaming as well thanks to the good Col. Corbane and his site, Going on Campaign. The link there jumps to the Narrative Gaming section, but I would recommend looking through the whole thing for some great ideas.

I'm touching on this whole thing for two reasons really, to share the idea of simply playing for the fun of playing and it's the central idea I'm using as I start my new Deathwing army. That's right, it's been a while since I've done some work for myself, and this idea is going to figure into the creation of the force.

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  1. My favourite games have always been Apocalypse games, for the same reason - when you're playing a game that you will, in all likelihood, not finish, then the outcome is not important, it's having an Ork stompa competition to see who could roll the most hits with the super gatling gun, or charging an entire Tau gunline with a single unit of Harlequins that matter more. The gaming, and equally the experience, take precedence over trying to win, and so people take it less seriously, which in my experience leads to a better time whatever you're doing. Life's more fun when you don't take everything seriously.

    That's actually quite a long comment there, I swear when I started it I didn't mean for it to be this long...

  2. Yeah fishing isn't about fish, lol. ;)

    I have an off topic question, which was part two of my 'do you paint Warmachine?'

    I have bought some Retribution of Scyrah goodies. They are the Elf faction whose Jack look like Invid from Robo/Battle tech. Yippee!!
    Part of their appeal is that the are gleaming white and have glowing bits.

    I have not really painted either, and so here I am, asking you how to do it :D

    I have painted white bits and pieces, but not whole models and definitely not something that is Dreadnought sized!
    Any tips for painting white like a pro?

  3. Aand for those of us in the "on topic" world :)

    It's how I play. I have never been competetive, in 40k, i started with Orks in RT era, so was always the "bad guy" and usually lost, so it became about how amusing the army could be to play, what stupid things I could pull off...

    I've kept that going. I'll have an IC charge a far superior force, bcause for the 5 time he loses, the 1 where he wins is never forgotten :)

    and besides, it's meant to be fun, right?

  4. SpeedyFrenchy: See, I love Apocalypse for the spectacle of it. I could truly care less about the winning and losing with those huge games. I wish regular 40k games were more about the spectacle of it than the win/loss.

    Marshal: White and glowing bits, yikes what a combination! As for the white, try this post on light colored primer and white armour.

    When it comes to glowing effects, you've got a bit more work ahead of you to get a good (realistic) effect.
    This series on Object Source Lighting should get you started with an understanding you can apply to your model.

    The Warmachine model I have to paint is a Cygnar model and I think his name is Nemo if I remember correctly. I do know he has lots of glowing bits on him so he's going to be a challenge to get right.

    I'll be posting more on him in the coming month as I get working on him for a local charity project.

    Karitas: I think you're absolutely right about people forgetting the hundred plus times you lose and remembering the one epic win you do pull off. That's the story that is told forever.

  5. Thanks, for the post, for me painting and collecting minis is just a retreat. somwhere where we can only enjoy the experience and nothing more. very well put out.

  6. woroxon: You'd be shocked if I told you the last time I actually played as well.
    I'm really getting into the background these days.

  7. thats absolutely spot dude. ALL my games are played this way, maybe some time in the future ill go to a tournament but to be honest it all seems too serious to me, id rather just kick back with my mates and play for....well......FUN, i mean isnt that what its all about anyway

  8. Too true. Although I do like a competitive game once in a while. Casting makes all my troubles go away and definitely keeps me sane.

  9. Nicely put! This is philosophy as well- bring on the campaign!

  10. I agree; it's aaaaall about getting your line wet.

    The first time I went to a GW store to try the mechanics of the game... I was kinda disappointed; because it just felt mechanical. Once I started to get into the game as a story, I found it all appealed to me much more.

  11. while i love a game like this once in a while, i have just come back from a tournament with an insanely difficult field of players, where every game was hard fought, tense as hell and winning mattered a lot, and i loved every second of that as well. i guess it is just different for different people :)

  12. It's interesting that some folks like the competitive side of the game as well as the cinematic. Just goes to show that players come to the table looking to get different things from the game and there's no "wrong" way to play.

    I like the close game every now and then where it comes down to the wire, but for me, I'd much prefer the story aspect vs. competition.

    I think maybe if you're clear with your opponent with what kind of game you're looking for, your experience will be much better in the end.

  13. Thanks Ron :)

    The lighting guide is especially useful.

    Thankfully Warmachine is smaller scale than 40K. I don't think I would be able to paint the number of Templars I have in both White and Glow. *faints*

    So what is the fairest white paint in all the lands?
    I have both GW and P3 whites, is there something head and shoulders above them. As white can be tricky, I am happy to buy a good one to make my life easier.

  14. Marshal: I use GW white... but I think the real trick is what you put under it. I have a super light grey color that goes under it first so that I don't have to do a million coats of paint to get solid coverage.


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