Up from the ashes rises the new site

Just as I lacked the words to put the site into stasis, I find myself struggling to explain how it has risen back from the ashes.

This time is different... but isn't that what they all say?
My time away from the site has been a huge help to my life, my family and everyone close to me. That will not change. But the site is more than just me. I can run away, but it's always right there waiting for me. I can embrace it, or I can try and hide from it. Hiding just doesn't work as well as I thought it would.

So I'd like to take a few minutes and talk about what the new site is and how it will look compared to the old one.

Speed and Cleanliness
This is as fast as it will get. There are limits to what I can do and I have reached it. I know some of you would like for it to go faster, but this will not be the case. There is so much here at this point that I simply do not know how to make it go faster.
And I have already tried painting things red.

The FTW Blogrolls
There is nothing else out there like this. I realize that now. For those who have asked to join during the time that the site was in stasis, send me your info and I will get you added. The rolls have not changed. The same rules still apply.

For those who continue to fly the logo... thank you.
The blogrolls are the main feature of the right hand column. With the new, clean look, there will not be much more over there as time goes on either.

Archives and Searching the FTW Blogrolls
Some of you more astute readers will notice that some things are missing. Most notably, the huge archive of tutorials. This is not an accident. They have been rolled back over to their rightful owners to maintain.

So what does that mean and how do you find things?
Good question. Instead of trying to maintain a huge database here on FTW of dying and slowly outdated links, I have included a search engine that will allow folks to search all the current members of the FTW Blogrolls.

Type in what you're looking for and you can go through each blog roll looking for related posts from other FTW members that might help you. This means you should always be able to find something from the 700 plus members who are active.

Then what are the Archives at the top of the page for?
Those are FTW specific. They allow you to find the things that I've done in the posts that been posted on this site in particular. So if you want to see how I've solved something, search there, want to see what the FTW Blogger Group has to offer, search the Blogrolls.

Old FTW Features
What about the old features like the Tuesday Top Ten and the Podcast review? Those belong to their owners just as they always have. I have no plans at this time to bring them back to FTW and hope that they are doing well. As they pop up in the blogrolls, you'll still be able to find them and check them out each week.

Posting frequency
I will start posting to FTW in the coming week as I have new things to add. It will not be an everyday thing. For those who came over to Black Dot Barrel, it will be similar to that. Most likely once or twice a week depending on how much I can get done each week.

Thoughts on the new site
I believe I have been able to automate the site enough to remove the sheer amount of work that was required on a daily basis. I like to think I have been able to keep the key things to the site too. The blogrolls, access to all the helpful tips and tricks out there and still be able to add my own few things every now and then.

As the coming weeks go, I will be doing some final adjustments to the site to make sure everything is running smoothly from here on out. I'm sure there is something that I've missed in the past couple weeks of trying to figure this whole thing out. Just bear with me, this community is worth keeping together.

Artwork at the top of the post by: Olga Anikina

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Just a test to make sure all the features are enabled again.

  2. Thank you for everything and anything you choose to do- I know I appreciate it very much.

  3. Loquacious: Thank you. Did you have trouble getting your comment posted... I guess not, but I want to make sure the links and everything are up and working again.

  4. It aced a little funny but I was patient (something I have a lot of practice with) and it all worked out.

  5. Thanks, I figured out the setting that needed to be corrected. For a second I was starting to worry.

  6. Yay! Glad your back from your brake. Also glad to hear that the time away did you good. I look forward to updates as always.

  7. Whoohoo!

    Thanks, Ron. It's like coming home.

  8. Welcome back, friend, we have flown your logo true just as the legions patiently await the return of their primarchs.

    I always knew you would return. Thank you for carrying on and I know it is a lot of work, but I hope now you know that it is deeply appreciated by the entire blogosphere.

  9. Silar and Porky:Thanks guys!
    It's going to be a balance from here on out, so we'll see what I come up with. No promises.

  10. Old School: Thank you. I think I have been able to get things sorted out over the past few weeks.

    Partly by using my other site as a bit of a testing ground with how things could work here.

    I knew it was appreciated, I just didn't realize how much people used the site... including myself.

    It's new now... so we'll see where it goes from here.

  11. Hey Ron!

    We here at MWC look forward to working with you again! pop me an email when you get a chance.

  12. Wahey!! Great to have this site back from stasis! I for one will continue to fly the flag as long as there's still somewhere for it to link to stasis or not.

    Anyway, glad to see you back where you belong Ron. Will you still be doing collaborative projects? Speaking of which I'm fairly sure you're US based so it's a shame you won't be able to come to Blog Wars although if you happened to be in England....

  13. Stars may flicker, but rarely do they wink out.

    Welcome back, take it easy!

  14. MWC: Email has been sent, let me know and I'll get you sorted out!

    From the Fang: I don't think so... not right now. Things may change, but they take so much work to do at this point.

    Kirby, sonsoftaurus, MCT, Dan, jabberjabber: Thank you all. It's good to be back but also a bit scary at the same time.

  15. Glad you are able come back. I like this new look, loads fast and is easy to read... not as cluttered.

    and anything worth while is never easy...

  16. KBelleau: I wish it was though... just once.

  17. Ron,
    You should add a like feature, so that I can love this post.

    Big thanks for keeping the site going.

  18. Welcome back Ron,I'd knew you'd be back thats why I never said goodbye ;)

  19. Glad to see FTW back Ron. Congrats and best of luck. I wish you the best ;D

  20. Can anyone else hear "Back in the Saddle" playing the background? :D

  21. Welcome back Ron! I like what you've done to the site...

  22. Welcome back, I must admit I peaked back to this site every once and a while to check if a post like this appeared. So I'm glad FTW is back. Not just for the quality of posts, but even more because of the community feel.

    good luck; and don't forget about the family, keep the balance in check.

    Cheerz Griffit

  23. It's good to have you back Ron :)

  24. Welcome back here Ron!

    And I'd be reading if you were here or on BDB

  25. Great to have you back Ron, it wasn't the same without Ftw

  26. Great to have you back in any capacity Ron, you are a pillar of the community and I want to have your babies... :)

  27. Welcome back Phoenix!
    I'm glad you were able to get everything back "under one hat" :)

  28. really great to see you back mate look forward to the new content

  29. Welcome back Ron. Remember the main thing is to have fun as I don't think anyone will mind a longer gap between updates. They're always worth the wait.:)

  30. Welcome back! I hope your vacation was refreshing.

  31. Thank you everyone!

    Yes, it may not be as often for my posting, maybe one or two a week from here on out, but I will continue to make them more substantial. I found a new groove on BDB that I think I can sustain here.

    With the few changes that have been enacted and the cleaner site, I should be able to manage the new work load with very little additional upkeep.

    As long as it doesn't cut into family time, I'll be fine. I have to say, it feels good to be back and involved with the Group again instead of watching from the sideline.

    I only ask that folks bear with me over the next few weeks while I finish overhauling the site.
    I pushed it out the door a little sooner than I anticipated, but I think the framework is here to keep going and I never realized just how big of an impact this site had.

  32. I had a feeling you would be back. Thank the stars that you are. ;)

  33. Score!! I love this site and am glad its back on line. :)

  34. Glad to hear you've found your mojo again mate :-)

  35. Great to hear you are back Ron!

  36. Glad you're back, Ron! While there are a lot of "blogroll" lists out there, none of them gave me the sense of community that FTW did.


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