Terminator Chaplain skull helmet

Terminator skull helmet conversion

A long time ago, I posted about how I made a Chaplain "skull helmet" for power armoured Chaplains. This of course spawned the idea of how to do the same thing for Terminator armoured Chaplains.

Unfortunately, the same helmet could not be used for both types of armour. Just my luck.

Here's the proof. The power armoured version doesn't sit in the neck cavity like it should/does in a power armoured neck. There are a couple of reasons for this, but I'll save you the discussion and just show you what changes need to be made to the original process.

The complete conversion process for the power armoured skull helmet is here.

Here's what you have to change in the process:

Terminator skull helmet styles

In the power armoured version, the neck piece sits level with the bottom of the jaw and it's slightly set back from the front of the jaw as well.

In the Terminator version, you'll need to angle the bottom of the skull jaw slightly and mount the neck piece at that angle. It can be set back slightly, but not as much as you would if you were doing power armour.

The best thing to do is take both pieces (the neck portion and the skull), set the neck piece into the Terminator neck cavity and get it in position and then glue the skull in place like that. Then you're sure to get the best position possible.

Terminator skull helmet in position

You can see the skull sits in the neck cavity much, much better this way.

There are two things you need to make sure you do when adding your side and top pieces (if you choose to do so).
1. Trim ALL the excess off the back of the head. The clearance behind the head is next to nothing and if you add anything back there or on top for that matter, you'll prevent the skull from sitting in there properly.
2. Keep them low profile. You're working in a small area overall, you can't go crazy with huge vents that wrap around the sides of the skull.

Terminator Chaplain skull helmet cleaned up

I added both the top vent and the sides but tapered them into nothing as they came around the side of the skull. This fills out the skull and gives it the look I like most.

And that's it, a few minor adjustments and you can build a skull helmet for your Chaplain regardless of what armour he's in.

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