Chaos Lord model restoration

I've accepted the task of revamping this Chaos Lord for a Client. The thing is, the model is completely finished right now. I'm going to strip it down, rebuild it, do some conversion work and repaint him.

This is how the model came to me. Like I said, finished. And he's a great looking model too. Nice conversion work, cleanly done and the paint job is perfectly fine. But we're looking for more.

We're looking to bring this guy up to today's standards. We're going to give him a face lift as it were. New base, new paint job, some additional conversion work to finish him off and tie up some loose ends. We're going to make this guy a new man.

Here's the catch though... taking a model like this, that is already done, varnished and gaming ready and starting over can be a real challenge. I don't know exactly what I'm getting into in terms of actual model construction. I don't know how he's been assembled, what's been pinned, what's been greenstuffed, glued carefully in place or what kind of painting problems I'm going to get into.

With a new model, you don't have these unknowns to deal with.
Restoration is a whole new animal.

So the first step is getting this guy taken apart. Sometimes, it's easy to tell where things come apart, other times... there's no way to tell.

After that, it's time for a bath in the paint stripper.
I use Dawn Power Dissolver when I need to strip paint.

And here's where he stands right now. I've the main pieces cleaned and stripped. The pieces that are going to be replaced are here and ready to go (head, shoulder pads and backpack) and I'm getting some things together for a new base too.

I'll be posting more on this guys as I make progress.

My Project Link: Chaos Lord Restoration

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