3 Blood Angel Apothecaries finished

Since I posted the "WIP" shots the other day, I figured I post the three completed Apothecary models now.

The first two models are as you see them. The last Apothecary (below) is magnetized to allow him to run with a normal backpack or a jump pack depending on how he's needed.

And one last shot of the jump pack. It was fun to paint this thing up and try to make it look like it fit with the rest of the model. I did a little weathering to show some exhaust stains around the back. I picked out a good number of details on the model and had to do the same with the jump pack itself. These things are deceptive. There's a lot of details on them once you start looking.

I painted the red with my normal tabletop approach (tutorial here) and spent a little bit of time on the bases to make them match with the rest of my Client's army. Aside from the texturing, the painting was fairly simple.

It's a basecoat of Dark Chocolate by Americana followed by a wash of GW Sepia and Baal Red. The two colors are spread about the base in a random pattern in order to create some variety in the shadow colors. Then it's a drybrush highlight with Sable by Americana followed by a second drybrush of the same Sable color with some GW Bleached bone and Ceramcoat Terracotta mixed in to make it lighter but still keep it warm. The last step is a spot was of some GW Devlan Mud in the recessed areas and a little bit of Baal Red for effect.

As far as conversion work, there isn't too much. A few greenstuff icons here and there and one hand swap which took a little bit of work. I took the Devastator Sergeant pointing hand (at least I think that's what it is) and used it to replace the regular Apothecary hand. It gives the model a different look and that's what we were going for. Some greenstuff in the arm joints to get the arms positioned just right and we were in business.

The WIP post is here for those interested.

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  1. Those jump packs look awesome! Well done sir!

    The conversions themselves don't look like conversions. The hallmark of a good job in my opinion.

    You continue to impress with you rapid output of excellent miniatures. I bet your customer will be thrilled.

  2. GDMNW: Thanks. These guys were shipped out earlier this week, but I've been backlogged with posts so I'm just now getting them posted here.

  3. Excelent conversions, they are in very dynamic poses. That make them look "alive" and, imo, that's very important.

    Nice work, congratulations.

  4. Excellent work, Ron! They look fantastic and I really like the subtle conversions you've done (especially the pointing hand swap on the Narthecium arm). Good stuff!

  5. Did you leave the laurels brown on that 2nd guy, or did he get some gold dry-brushing over that?

  6. Thanks guys!

    Mr. Esty: They're painted gold, it's just the photo that maes it look solid brown (kinda wierd actually).

  7. All of these guys look great, and I love the Jump-pack magnet option.

  8. It was an option my Client asked for at the last minute. I suspect it helps this guy get in position to help the most number of squads given their abilities.

  9. Very nice job!

    Highlights are great - clean, yet still giving the look that I think an active marine would have in the field.

    Jobz a dud un!


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