Bal Timorea Knight finished

I've finally managed to finish my Knight for the Santa Cruz Warhammer Knights of Bal Timorea Project. I have to admit, this guy was a ton of fun to paint. It was such a huge departure from painting space marines, that parts of it became a real challenge.

I started this one not really knowing what colors or iconography I was going to use and sort of made it up as I went along. I kept the overall look dark and then used the icons to add some contrast to the model.

When I first asked them, my Wife and Daughter said the horse needed to be brown with white hooves in the back. So I painted the horse brown. When they saw my paintjob and the rest of the model, they told me the tail was painted wrong (apparently it must be black on a brown horse) and that the horse should be all white now. Not possible I told them. Then I claimed artistic license with the tail color and left the room.

I don't think they understand that I can't just keep changing the horse color until I find something that "works." I wasn't going to explain it either. Maybe next time I can change it I told them and they seemed happy with that.

I tried to make his base look "muddy" and used some darker browns on it with the static grass. I didn't get super fancy or anything, I just limited the colors I used on it and didn't put too bright of a highlight on the base.

All in all, I consider this guy a success. Painted to a tabletop standard, a little bit of weathering and some freehand all come together to make what looks like a regular Knight to me. Of course this is my first real "Fantasy" model so there's lots of room for improvement here.

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