Knights of Bal Timorea Project

What is this? A Fantasy model by me? What's going on here? Actually, this guy is my contribution to the Knights of Bal Timorea Project over at Santa Cruz Warhammer.

He's my contribution to the Bal Timorea project over on Santa Cruz Warhammer. I've managed to get him cleaned up and primed this weekend among other projects. It's crazy right now with Christmas right around the corner, but I still manage to sneak some hobby time in between other things.

I'm honored that John thinks highly enough of my painting to have included me in the project. He went so far as to send me the horse so I wouldn't have an excuse to bow out. I even got to pick what kind of helmet I wanted.

I plan on doing a little bit of work on him over the holiday, so look for more updates in the coming weeks on this guy as I get him finished. I'm sure my Daughter and Wife will be giving me lots of expert advice on what color to paint the horse since both of them absolutely love horses.

I've got him primed black right now and I'm thinking I'm going to use some blues, greens and a bit of white for the palette. That combined with the warm tones for the metals and the weathering should make for a nice model in the end.

So if you haven't heard about the project or you're looking to get involved yourself, head over to Santa Cruz Warhammer for more info on it.

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  1. How!

    How can your Knight already look good?

    H. E. Double Hockey Sticks!

  2. Thanks Ron,

    I will also note that the "due date" has been pushed back into January to relieve some of the holiday stress, so its not too late to get involved and you might win a little Fantasy army.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. I'm sure you'll make a great job with the knight; the model looks sweet, and we all know your painting-fu is truly strong ^^

  4. I almost choked on my drink when I saw this. Great to see some Fantasy content, no mater how minor, on the front page.

  5. Torpedo Vegas: More Fantasy on Wednesday... part of the Back to Basics series. It's quite the refreshing change and my Wife says she likes the the models better than all the "machines" I usually paint.


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