The Astronomican Winter Contest

From the guys over at The Astronomican:

As a way to support the Astronomican and help get the word out, here's the info on their Winter 2010-11 Contest. To say that this concept has taken a while to put together is quite the understatement. The Mod Team at the Astronomican forums have been debating the various aspects of this contest for what seems like weeks, but we have got there in the end.

So, to cut to the chase, what’s this all about? In order to hold a truly magnificent Winter Contest it needs to involve every aspect of the hobby, let’s face it; some of us are good at fiction while others are better at painting or army building or even conversions. If you are good at any of the above items, then this is for you.

There are 3 separate categories within the Astronomican Winter Contest, which are as follows:
· (1) Fiction
· (2) Conversions and Modeling
· (3) Painting

Each category will be split in to 2 separate skill levels, being ‘acolyte’ and ‘master’.

Why? Well, we want to give everyone the best possible chance of success within the contest. For example, a participant who has written fiction for 10+ years, who has had some of their work published before, is highly likely to triumph over someone who is writing a piece of fiction for the very first time. If we split these individuals in to ‘master’ and ‘acolyte’ categories then they do not have to do battle with each other, which in turn allows the novice author a chance of success at his/her own echelon, without concern that they are competing against uber experienced folks; likely denying themselves a shot at a prize.

The theme of the Astronomican Winter Contest is: ‘Unsung Heroes’

Who or what is an ‘unsung hero’?’ That’s totally up to you. It could be the lone Cadian Guardsman who gives his life, so that his brothers have the time to muster a counter-attack. How about the pilot of an Imperial Navy fighter who refuses to take to the skies or a Dark Elf Assassin who finds himself trapped within the walls of Altdorf. We are sure you will agree that the options are nigh on limitless. It is your job to portray the unsung hero through the medium of fiction, conversion or painting – whatever you feel the best option is for your skill-set.

Complete contest rules can be found here
Contest discussion can be found here

As you can see, the scope for this contest is enormous. Tie that in to 6 guaranteed winners and we believe that fun times can be had by all. We have attempted to be as rigorous as we can in order to achieve an equal opportunity of success for every single entrant.

It is quite possible that a single Eldar Jetbike could outshine a Forgeworld Reaver Titan in the painting category. A 1200 word fiction submission about Bretonnian Knights may achieve the spoils of success over a 100,000 word epic about an Ogre Tyrant and his kin. Then again a huge Warhammer diorama conversion of Giants attacking village folk could well romp to victory against a solitary Space Marine who is in the throws of being torn to shreds by a Tyranid Mawloc.

Please note: The judges for the painting and conversion categories want to make sure that we stress the importance of clear and concise photographs, with supporting text and information where possible, within these particular sections. Without quality photographic evidence the judges will be unable to fulfill their role and your entry is unlikely to achieve success!

On a final note, the Mod Team at Astronomican would like to express a hearty thanks to Adders of Total Wargamer, the 6 Judges who remain nameless for the moment and, of course, to everyone who joins in and enters the contest because without you it will not succeed. We cannot wait to see what your imaginations create! So thank you for reading the lengthy rules and best of luck to one and all!

-Brannick, Hephesto & the Astronomican team

Looking at the contest info, I may be able to get a model done in time for this contest. Time to get working on my Deathwing. - Ron

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  1. Thanks again for the post Ron! The more the merrier and there truly are a ton of opportunities to make some truly outstanding stories and miniatures for this contest.

    Time to put those thinking caps on Bloggers! Can't wait to see what people will come up with, luckily I can enter an Astro contest for I'll need to get creative as well!

  2. Hephesto: No problem, good luck with the contest.


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