Games Day this weekend!

Let's see now.

Camera... check
Extra batteries... check
Extra memory card... check
Cool Storm Wardens tshirt to wear... check
Legal army to play with... maybe next year

Golden Daemon entry... check.
Wait, what?

Yep, I'll be entering the Dark Eldar Archon conversion I've been working on for the past month. You didn't think I was actually going to show him here did you? Only those who can make it on Saturday will see him. The rest of you will have to wait until I post him here.

He's all painted and ready to go so we'll see just how well I've done. To be honest, I'm hoping for maybe a slim chance at a Bronze. There are way better painters out there and I don't have a realistic amount of time to put into just one model to be able to compete with those folks. It'd be an honor to win, but I'm being realistic here.

All that aside, I'm really looking forward to Saturday. It should be lots of fun. I may try and squeeze in the Forge World seminar that's going on in the afternoon. Might be interesting to see what's coming down the pipe in the coming months.

Other than that, I'm going to take lots of pictures and talk to lots of people. I'm even going to find some nice Fantasy armies to drool over and take pictures of.

So if you're there Saturday and you see a guy in a Storm Wardens tshirt with a black army bag slung over his shoulder or playing a minimally painted Deathwing army, that's me. Make sure to say hello.

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  1. I see what you did there. ;)

  2. Good luck, matey: I'll be rooting for you...

  3. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing it. Are you at least going to bring the Deathwing?

  4. Wait, I am going to be wearing a Storm Wardens Shirt and have a black army bag and a camera.

    I am not sure that I will be playing, as I am not familiar enough with the rules to play quickly, but the Death Guard are making the trip none the less.

    See you there.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  5. You could totally send me pictures of any new Dark Eldar stuff you may happen to find at GD US. Keep an eye peeled, they'll probably be hiding them somewhere :D

  6. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

  7. Thanks guys.

    Hudson: The Deathwing are coming with me. Whether or not I end up playing is another story, but they're coming along.

    SC John: You probably have better hair than me. Mine is almost all gone and what's left is shaved down to almost nothing.

    Worst case scenario, I'll put a piece of tape on my bag thta says "FTW."

    I'll take lots of pictures and I'll have a complete write up next week sometime.

  8. Good luck fella, I'm sure you'll easly get past the first stage!!

    keep you eye out on any chaos news for us ;)

  9. From what I've seen of your painting, something you painted specifically to display quality would definitely make it past the first cut if not moreso. (I dunno, the picture's a little dark - heh.)

    Pity I won't be able to make it - having been unemployed for so long sucks and the trip to Baltimore would be problematic (Chicago was much easier for me). I've got a few figures that I might might do well and it would've been nice to meet folks from all the blogs I lurk on. Maybe next year in the "mystery location" - I'm guessing Tennessee, but we'll see.

  10. You tease! Well have fun and best of luck with the Golden Daemon, pretty sure you'll make it through the qualification.

  11. Good luck. Someone could undo your digital blur, depends on what format and program you used I guess...


  12. Ron, your model looked incredible! The artwork on the back of his cape was amazing! Too bad our minis didn't make it all the way, but they looked good up in the first cut display. (I noticed a bunch of people craning around the side to take a look at your cloak)

  13. Dave G: Thanks, I knew he wasn't going to win, but I'm glad he made it that far with amount of competition there was this year. There were some absolutely stunning models there.
    I'll be entering a couple models next year if the Wife lets me go to Chicago.

  14. Glad to hear you made first cut! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the figure in all its glory.

    Ditto on the "going to Chicago" too - hopefully this next year will be better and I'll see you there with some of my own few models.


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