Thursday night's Old Timer's League: Jul 8

Walker vs Walker to the death

Managed to get out this week and get not only one, but two games in. The only downside... they were both against Imperial Guard. I handed one opponent and win and the other a loss. Of course I'm not using a fair list so, they put the marks in their win/loss columns where they see fit.

In my first game (the loss) I will offer up the excuses of I was outnumbered almost 8:1 in infantry models and almost 2:1 in armour. And we were playing Sieze Ground for FIVE objectives (I only have two scoring units). That's quite the uphill struggle. My friend asked me if I was having fun about 2/3 of the way through the game when he had the win all but sealed up.

An odd question I thought at first, but I can see where he's coming from. He's got a half dozen tanks on the board and 50 plus infantry and I've got two tanks and 3 guys left.

I enjoy the challenge of it. That's the real reason I gravitate towards Deathwing I think. I'm outnumberd, outmanned and outgunned before I even take the field. And then add that the terrain doesn't always work in my favor either. To win against those odds is quite an accomplishment.

If the game had ended in turn 5 and I'd been able to make just one invulnerable save, it actually would have been a draw. Naturally, I can't roll one invulnerable save and the game just keeps going.

I fared a bit better in my second game, but that was more to luck than anything else. Both of my Deep strikes were off (not dangerous, just random). My Librarian is all but worthless, but I love him. The real winner of that game was my Mortis pattern Autocannon Dreadnought who just would not die.

What I need to do is make up some "cheat sheets" for my guys. I've got them for the game, but not my army in particular. I can never seem to remember how many attacks someone has or how many inches a particular gun fires. I know, it's sad, but I just don't play that much anymore where it's just committed to memory.

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  1. Walker vs Walker?... Ummm I'm betting on the dread. As for cheat-sheets, yeah I need them also.

  2. Wicked pictures, and congrats for actually getting a few games in :)

    I sympathise with the feeling of enjoying being against the odds. I play DH and love it, my guard army is all veterans and my orks are mech/trukkboys. :)

    I use army builder to put my lists together, - the printout gives me a brilliant cheat sheet for my army.

  3. I've got just the thing for you. I'll send it over.


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