Scratchbuilt Imperial Guard Manticore done

This is a Guest Post by Jon

Here's the Manticore were working on the other day with the final details added. I always like to add a hydraulic cylinder to a project like this to give the moving parts a reason to move. Just for reference, if you want to make a telescoping part like this, the outer tube should be 1/16" larger than the inner tube for Plastruct and Evergreen tubing.

The headlights were made from the tips of two of the shells from the Baneblade kit, and styrene tubing.

The paint scheme that I use for Vostroyan vehicles is a variation on the recipe that was presented on the GW website. I start out by priming with dark grey automotive primer, it works as well as any specialty model primer and is generally half the cost. Next comes a base coat of Bestial Brown, followed by a dry-brushing with Graveyard Earth with the treads left Bestial Brown.

This is where a deviate from the original studio recipe. I never quite liked the greenish build-up that was originally used for Vostroyan vehicles, I thought it looked too "Nurgly," so I replaced Rotting Flesh with Kommando Khaki. Next is a drybrush with a 50-50 mixture of Graveyard and Kommando Khaki, followed by a drybrush with straight Khaki.

It's at this point that I add the characteristic Vostroyan red markings using a simple stripe of Red Gore. I use Tamiya masking tape to make nice straight lines (I'm not as talented as Ron, who would free-hand it).

I now move on to the metallics; silver parts are simply Boltgun Metal whereas the gold parts are built up from a base coat of Tin-bitz, followed by Shining gold. The treads get a very light dry-brush with Boltgun. The inner sliding tube of the hydraulic cylinder is painted Mithril Silver follow by a wash with Ogryn Flesh to give a sheen of hydraulic fluid.

At this point, the whole model gets a wash with Devlan Mud,and the metallics get an additional wash of Badab Black.

For the final highlight, I do a light dry-brush with a 50-50 mix of Khaki and Skulll white, a light dry-brush with Boltgun on the silver bits, and a light dry-brush with Burnished Gold on the gold parts.

You can go back and see the construction process here.

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  1. That is a fine model. Very well done,

  2. I love it! I think you toned down the weathering on this one. I would love to see the troops that go along with this.

  3. Very nice. I do like Dave Taylor's truck conversion. I am currently making 2 more Hydra Flak trucks based on this pattern and I am using the treads from ork battlewagons for my track sections for my additional 2. I too have a Manticore rack in process for a truck, though mine is rather more open with exposed rails and rockets much like the old Russian rocket trucks.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous - definitely striking and it ties in quite well with the Vostroyan look in my opinion. Great work!!

  5. I love the way the metals stand out against the dull tans, and those heavy hydraulics on the missile racks really reinforce the whole "heavy industrial Russia" design. Too bad GW didn't release stuff like this along with the rest of the Vostroyan models. They could've made a nice army instead of relying on stock Chims.

  6. Great work, the paint is well done and the missile rack is fantastic!

    What is the tank in the background, it has some very interesting lines to it. Do you have a link to more pictures of it?

  7. That is pretty freakin' rad, dude. I'd love to make one of these, if I had the time.

  8. Beautiful work, I think the launcher looks much better than the oversized missile look. Great stuff!

  9. Thanks to all.

    @2501: It's actually the second cut at the hydraulics: the first I used tubing that was 1/32" larger and it didn't look right, so I ripped it out and did it again.

    @Rabidchild: Ron has thoughtfully provided a link to the "Medusa Conversion"

    -- Jon.

  10. i think it's an awesome model. love to have one!
    Santa Cruz Warhamemr

  11. Awsome model I think it looks better that the model GW have Released TBH

  12. I saw this at gw last weekend. Or a copy of it. Either way, it was extremely well made. same for the medusa in the background.

  13. Very cool conversion. Good luck getting a GW person to let you play games instore or ina tourny though :\

    I'm personally looking into a scratch-built Hydra conversion. I've found one which I'm highly considering (seeing as I can do it for less then the Forge World Hydra), but I'd like to hear what you would do to build your own version of the Hydra Flak Tank for IG?

    Here is the conversion I plan to do, for ref:

  14. Narric: That looks like it would be a great conversion. Simple and effective and definitely much cheaper than the FW version. I'm not sure what I would do to convert one myself, maybe Jon has some suggestions.


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