Storm Wardens Project: Official modeling info

I've got the honor of painting up a squad of Assault Terminators and the Company Banner Bearer for the Command Squad for the Storm Wardens Collaborative Army. Here's a look at the super secret official color scheme.

Out of all the great background info we were given to use, there were a few things that apply directly to what I'll be working on...

The Inheritors (what they call the Elite guys I believe) do wear Terminator Armour, and they are predominantly silver with blue on their boots/shins and hands. Thunder hammer/storm shield is favoured for Assault Terminators.

Distinguishing personal affectations: Storm Wardens often carry a Sacris Claymore in place of a combat blade! They also like "tempest amulets" or charms, which are basically small lightning-shaped runes (not unlike those of Space Wolves) or charms that they attach to their wargear.

Veterans usually have a silver helmet (similar to the Blood Angels vets with gold helmets).

As you can see, I've got my color scheme laid out for me, my weapons picked out and an idea of what kind of elements to add to the models to give them that "Storm Warden" feel.

Up next, I take a look at the models I've got and what I'm planning to do with them to make them work.

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