Storm Wardens Inheritors

The Terminator Assault squad is done. Pending any last minute details and touch ups (I still need to add their unit number), they are ready to go.

These guys have been a blast to build and paint. They've renewed my interest in 40k and got me thinking about starting a new army. I don't know what it will be yet, but I had a blast converting these guys and I think they are my most involved conversion for a single squad that I've ever done.

Hopefully they'll make a great addition to the Storm Wardens army and see lots of battle.

For those interested:
They started as regular GW Assault Terminators
The hammers are from MaxMini Accessories
The shields are converted from GW Fantasy Chaos Warriors
The bases are from Secret Weapon Miniatures
And here's the step by step painting guide for the key areas

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  1. These guys are stunning. Really are a testament to how unique and beautiful these models can be with some passionate work.

  2. Great job Ron, they look fantastic. One question though. Are you going to put anything on the scroll on the chest plate of the Sergeant or the squad?

  3. they look amazing I have already made my contribution to the project and your work makes me wish I win.

    they are excellent.

  4. Those look awesome, I love the lightning bolt tattoo on the squad leader. This just makes me hope I win even more!

  5. Thanks guys.

    HuronBH: I still have a couple of details to add actually. I really want the models to pop in the end so I will be adding all those "little" detials in the coming week.

  6. Wow, those are beautiful. Great job!

  7. Nice work Ron, how you pull out such amazing detail so fast and consistently is beyond me.
    I am such a slow painter!

  8. Beautiful work. I'm particularly impresed at how balanced the overall colourscheme is, blue (at least for me) has a tendency to become the most dominant feature very fast.

  9. I like the silver for their bodies - a good metalic without being either too shiny or just looking grey.

  10. From first look they are seems as robot but as they are storms wendors inheritors.

  11. Is the SGT's head a standard Terminator head? If so that is amazing. The hair is so convincing.

  12. Anon: Yes it is, it's just painted on there.


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