Storm Wardens: First Company Inheritors

Alright, here they are, members of the the First Company outfitted in Terminator armour wielding their preferred weapons, Thunderhammers and Storm Shields.

First, let me apologize because I don't have any real WIP shots of these guys. Work has been frantic and fast paced as I've been juggling lots of things at once.
You can however, click on any of the images in this post to look at the larger version. That way you can see all the detail that's gone into these guys.

So without any further delay, the models:

To be honest, I don't even know where to begin with these guys.
It's a collection of bits, greenstuff and some plasticard. The bases are from Secret Weapon and the whole army is on them. I have no idea where the Thunderhammer heads came from. The storm shields started as Fantasy Chaos shields I think... at least that's the kind of iconography I scraped off all of them.

I took some inspiration from Forge World when it came to their shoulderpads in that I tried to make 5 different shoulders so each guy's shoulder design was unique. Where possible, I tried to carry that theme onto their individual storm shields as well.

The Sergeant took some work to build his weapon and shield arm, but I wanted him to be different from the rest of them. One of the squad members also has a Deathwatch shoulderpad (but I realize it's hard to see now) as a nod to the upcoming Deathwatch RPG by Fantasy Flight games.

I suppose we'll see how well they really look once they're painted.

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