Storm Wardens are coming

I've finished the Terminator Assault Squad this weekend. I put the final touches on their bases yesterday and all that's left now is to add the squad markings to each guy. I think I'm going with Squad number II.

Now work begins on the Command Squad Banner Bearer.

If you haven't donated yet, make sure you do, the drawing for the Battleforce (40k or Fantasy) is today, Sunday June 27th at 7:00pm PST on by the guys over at Santa Cruz Warhammer.

If you've donated already, thank you! All the money is Going to Doctors Without Borders, so helps us raise as much as possible and maybe even get yourself a free Battleforce in the process.

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  1. Bad. Ass. Terminator. More pics please?

  2. First, that terminator looks plain awesome! Very very cool. Looks almost like a painting. With a little Photoshop I think you could make it look like a painting from a codex rather than a photo:)

    Second, which army will you do next after the storm wardens? Because if you keep on doing this kind of stuff I am sure to keep donating! Just make it non imperial next time :)

  3. misterjustin: I have to sit down and photograph the whole unit. That's going to take me a day or so to get all together.

    Flekkzo: After the Storm Wardens? Good question. I don't know, I just hope I have a chance to participate in that project as well.

    I do plan on starting work on a new army for myself this coming Fall, but I still can't make up my mind on what army I want to try my hand at.

  4. Oh my.

    That's... unreal cool.

    When is the last day for donations/tickets? I'm planning a purchase this coming Friday.


  5. Brent: I believe it's (the last day to donate) the 17th of July and the final drawing will be on the 25th or 26th of July.

  6. How about this in the future. Choose a codex, then make your own army (i.e. fluff, colors, etc). Start a raffle. Every time enough money drops in to buy a unit, do so and start working on it. When all the units/materials have been bought, excess money goes to charity. Have an end date so people know when the deadline is. Give bonus tickets to the money that bought units. Donating materials and extra prices are cool and allowed but the idea isn't to drain the ones painting and converting. Companies should be allowed to use the fact that they donated in promotional material. This is after all far more awesome than normal ads!

    It's just a thought. It's just that I quite enjoy this whole thing:)

  7. GREAT image :)
    I wish my pictures/minis turned-out that good!


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