Dual Thunderhammer Terminator conversion

I posted some pics of this guy when he was being built and I figured I would show you all the finished model too.

He rounds out all the Raven Guard models I've been doing for a friend of mine. I'm hoping to get my hands on another Raven Guard Tactical squad and Drop Pod in the coming weeks.

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  1. All of these Raven Guard conversions are fantastic! I especially like the sculpted chapter symbol you've done on the models' shoulders and other areas.

    The black you've used for the armor is great as well. It's not so dark as to obscure detail like in some Black Templar armies I've seen. I'm not an expert painter by any means, but the armor color and highlights just look 'right.'

  2. lovely work as always Ron, have you a how to with the black? or is that in a previous post somewhere?

  3. So two thunderhammers and a storm shield. That's pretty hard core:) I really like the idea of the shield on the back though. Would be nice with thunderhammers wielded in two hands and the shield on the back:)

  4. Like Anton asked, it'd be great to see a note on how you did that black. It's a lot softer and more solid looking than many works.


  5. Excellent conversion. A fine looking job!

  6. Great work again Ron. The custom raised raven guard chapter symbol is a particular highlight for me, as well as the attention to detail of the end of the handle on the left-hand hammer.

  7. Thanks for the comments guys.
    As for the black, I've got a previous tutorial from a while ago,


    But... this is an older technique for me. I've advanced to a combined approach of partial blending and partial line highlighting (like
    I've done on my Storm Wardens project).

    I will see if I can put together something new and up to date.


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