Storm Wardens Prize List

Posted by Ron

Updated: June 8, 2010

First, a HUGE thanks to all the guys participating in this by donating their time and models and all of the vendors who have contributed some amazing stuff to this project. Thank you very much!

Here is the current Grand Prize list, please keep in mind that some things may change without notice due to deadlines, additional donations, acts of God and all kinds of other unforeseen reasons.
And, there are weekly drawings, more info on those here.
That being said, here's what you stand to win if you donate...

Loaded HQ command squad
Tactical squad w/rhino
Tactical Squad
Scout squad and Scout speeder
5 man Terminator squad
Land Raider
Sternguard Veterans
Rhino/razorback/whirlwind interchangeable multi vehicle
Multi Land speeder
3 Bikers
5 Devastators
Drop Pods (unknown how many)

24 Custom dice with army logo
1 Storm Wardens logo Tshirt
Autographed copy of Death Watch Game
High quality mounted print of the SW artwork
Objective markers
TAC Template, Multi-template, Turn Counter
"Storm Wardens Paint Set" (paints and brushes)
Battlefoam bag and Custom Foam cuts
Storm Wardens T-shirt

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  1. Wonderful! One of my former students was a Doctors without Borders volunteer, so it's a charity I am familiar with. Count me in!



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