Thursday night's Old Timers league: Mar 31

I managed to get out the other night for the weekly Old Timer's meeting. I don't know what it is, but I just can't seem to get a game in these days. When I arrived, there was really only time to hang out and talk for a little while, but it was nice to get out of the house and talk hobby for a little bit.

I was fortunate to get to see a very cool looking scratchbuilt Tyranid Apocalypse creature based off some fan based rules. I took a few pictures of it and talked to the builder. His name is Ian and he's got lots more WIP shots of the model and more of his other work on his Livejournal site, but I have no idea how to get on there to look at it without registering.

After talking to him for a few minutes, the one thing I found most amazing was that despite the size and scope of what he built, he actually told me it was met with a luke warm reception at best from the greater community when he showed it off.

How is it that someone can build something like this and invest the amount of time and energy into a model like this only to have the gaming community basically dismiss it? Have the standards gone up overnight and I didn't realize it? How does someone look at a model that another person built (scratchbuilt at that) and the first thing they have to say is how it's missing this or that or how it needs to be improved like this or that? Seriously? Maybe I appreciate the model more because I know what it's like to scratchbuild something and fail miserably at it.

It's a bit disappointing really.

I snapped some pictures of a pair of Forge World blight drones one of the guys finished this week. These things are just cool looking. Nurgle isn't my favorite Chaos power, but for some reason, I just like these models.

And to finish the night, I had a little terrain theory I tried out on the guys. I'm going to be expanding on it in a coming post to see what everyone else thinks.

Other than that, we decided that you should never pick up your hits after rolling your dice, only your misses and then you wait until your opponent can see what's left for himself.

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  1. "Other than that, we decided that you should never pick up your hits after rolling your dice, only your misses and then you wait until your opponent can see what's left for himself."

    That's funny, I've never let any of my opponents do that. :D

    As far as the scratchbuild goes, I do think it's kind of weak for people to dismiss stuff that other people actually FINISH considering most people don't even get their stuff put together completely.

    HI Ian!

  2. Thats a very cool looking Tyranid beastie, I lve the Zoanthrope "pilot".

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  4. I'm not a big 'Nid guy, but; I think the scratch build would meet with better responses if it wasn't painted to look like putty!

    I usually get luke-warm responses (if any) on my scratch build projects. People don't usually get excited until paint comes in, and his project looks like it's still waiting for paint (nice sculpt though).

  5. Clearly these opponents have not been playing very long. Any Tyranid player worth his salt is nothing but happy to see a Dominatrix on the table.

    Bring on the big bugs! (especially if they're scratch-built!)

  6. I've had people go completely crazy over some scratchbuilds and kitbashs. Snapping pictures, inquiring, wondering if they could buy them, where the tuts are, etc.

    Yet, with the same models, I've had people go "Meh." Some of these people just don't care, others are simply so egotistical that they cannot allow themselves to appreciate a solid scratch or kitbash.

    I've even had people say, "You should have bought the freakin' model, you cheater. I'm not gaming with you."

    You meet all kinds. If you are building scratchbuilds looking for a pat on the back, that is, imho, the wrong approach. First things first, YOU should like it and not give a damn what anyone else thinks. If they like it fine, but the objective of you liking it is already served.

  7. It got a lukewarm reception because it looks like crap. Aside from the white parts it almost looks like unpainted green playdo, and the whites look like they were given only a token wash. Not a highlight to be seen. Not to mention you have this GIGANTIC BODY and tiny, tiny head.

    It's just bad. I credit the enthusiasm that went into it, but that's no coup de grace.

  8. to answer your question about the model, most people in my area are sort of unimpressed by conversions and scratch builds, not because there are a lot of them but rather because there is a very competitive feeling in the area and a lot of conversions either are not to different from the original so they fit in the rules (and thus not impressive), or they are dont fit in the rules at all and are house rules or forge world and so not used the majority of the time (but usually very impressive)

  9. Previously posted by #2501
    Edited for language

    "How is it that someone can build something like this and invest the amount of time and energy into a model like this only to have the gaming community basically dismiss it? "

    Well, there are gamers, and there are modelers. It might be that he showed it to some people who aren't as artistic (it happens) and they didn't give a huge response b/c that's not the kind of thing they're heavily into. You run into that.

    I like it, although if I'd seen a WIP pic I would've encouraged him to pack on more detail and diverge from the rounded body a bit. I can appreciate him wanting to stay true to the epic Dominatrix model, but if he's scratchbuilding anyway this is his chance to take a mediocre design a different way. Look at the Hierophant; it's covered in ridges and spines, and although also large is still very lithe and insect-like His paint scheme is a little underwhelming, and that can go a long way towards people's perceptions of an otherwise solid piece. There's a guy on the Work In Progress forum site that has an absolutely incredible ImperiaLtransport model, packed with detail and some nice weathering effects, but the camo scheme he picked is utter garbage. That said, if that's the color scheme of his army, then he should stick with it for unity's sake.

    Anyway, my two cents.

  10. I'm really liking the paint job done of the Blight Drones, they are on of the reasons I've been more leaning to doing a nurgle army. I'll have to take a good look at the colours once I've finished my scratch build Blight Drone.

    -Green Stuff Sculpting


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