Thursday Night Old Timers League: Mar 3

This week we got right to business.

A few weeks ago, we decided that we would run a Narrative type campaign to give us a break from the regular, run-of-the-mill missions. Really it's just an excuse to try new things with deployment zones and scenarios within the context of a larger story. I came up with some background that included all of our forces and we were off and running.

When I was getting my stuff together for this story, I had a couple questions. I dropped a line to the Col. since he's got a blog dedicated to this very thing and asked for his advice.

Right now, we're got nothing more than a short background story and a timeline of 6 weeks. It doesn't take much to get going I've found. I'm going to draw up a map so we've got something to follow along with for the next couple weeks and keep things in context.

The top pic shows the IG planetary defense detachments fending off a Chaos push. The Guard were successful, but at a price. At least they'll be prepared next week and the forces of Chaos no longer have the element of surprise.

As for me, I found myself getting hammered by a Daemon force bent on discovering a number of artifacts. There were just too many of them too fast for me to be able to pull something together. I gave it a heroic effort, but was unable to keep the foul creatures from getting their hands on one of their lost artifacts.

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