I can kitbash, but I cannot scratchbuild

Image from Games Workshop

From Wikipedia: Scratch building is the process of building a scale model "from scratch", ie. from raw materials, rather than building it from a commercial kit, kitbashing or buying it pre-assembled.

Kitbashing or model bashing is a practice whereby a new scale model is created by taking pieces out of commercial kits. These pieces may be added to a custom project or to another kit.

I can kitbash. I cannot scratchbuild.
I am jealous of those modelers who are able to scratchbuild. There is no limit to what they can do.

I have a freind who "scratchbuilds" fire engines. All he starts with are the blueprints to the actual fire engine and he works from those. Are you kidding me? He even knows how to roll the plastic for the front windshield to get it to wrap around. What?!?
Despite my best efforts to scratchbuild, it is not something I am capable of. I can kitbash though, I have lots of things that I think turned out fairly well for being "kitbashed."

But it's taken me three times to finally learn this.

Lesson #1: Skulltaker mounted on Chariot
Scratchbuild the chariot: EPIC FAIL
Solution: Kitbash an existing chariot: SUCCESS
I literally had no clue what I was doing... and it showed.

Lesson #2: Land Raider Crusader weapons
Scratchbuild the weapon mounts: EPIC FAIL
Solution: Kitbash existing mounts into new configuration: SUCCESS
At best, my first attempt looked like an Ork looted version of what I was trying to build. I don't even know if Ork players would have used it. My Client ended up having to buy the pieces instead of me converting them.

Lesson #3: Baal Predator Turret conversion
Scratchbuild the assault cannon mount: EPIC FAIL
Solution: Kitbash existing mounts into new configuration: SUCCESS
Who am I kidding, you would have thought I would have learned by now. I gave it a go, but I just don't have the knack for it. It eludes me. Fortunately, my Client gave me enough bits that I could pull this one off too with some degree of success.

Perhaps one day I will meet someone who can show me the art of scratchbuilding. I'm sure it will be (or have been) an Ork player because I see the skill being absolutely essential for Orks. Until then, I will have to settle with kitbashing which means I'll need to keep my bits box stocked with all kinds of parts.

Anyone got any bits they're looking to unload?
I'm in the market as they say.

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