Using the Space Wolf Codex for Deathwing?

I guess it was only a matter of time when I look back at it now.
What happened? I've decided to use the Space Wolves Codex to represent my Deathwing. Of course this means some changes, but let's look at how I got here first.

I see it being a number of things that just added up over time but here are the big two.

1. A Codex (the current Dark Angels one) that lacks the life and character the newer books have. I say "life and character" because I don't know how else to describe it. These days, just anyone can do a better Darks Angels army than the Dark Angels can. Space Wolves can even do a "Deathwing" with more life and character than Dark Angels can. This wouldn't as big of a deal if it weren't for number 2 though.

2. A Codex (the current Dark Angels one) that doesn't even allow me to field the units and equipment my Chapter is historically known for. Mortis pattern dreadnoughts for example. This kind of thing kills me.

I don't play competetively in tournaments so it was no stretch for me to start using Forge World rules for my Dreadnoughts and Land Raiders a few months ago. The people I play against don't mind either. But I still felt like I was having to use a Codex that had been stripped down to nothing.

So I started looking at going to back to the previous edition. I was already using Forge World rules and most people cringe at that, so why not use older Dark Angel rules too? And I'll tell you what, it was refreshing to sit down and start building what I imagined and remember what Deathwing used to be like. But I still struggled with the rules and the older Codex.

Then I sat down and looked through the Space Wolves Codex. I actually compared the two army builds before. Would you believe that I can build the same list with the Wolf Codex that I was building with the old Dark Angels Codex and Forge World rules before. At least close enough. I may end up going to 1750 and that's not something I ever really thought about doing before. With Space Wolves, I can add a few cool upgrades and be able to play 1750 without any trouble.

So how does that work? How does one new, different Codex allow you to build the very same thing you would have needed an older Codex and "unofficial" Forge World rules to do just a minute before?

Maybe it's just frustration on my part. I just want the ability to build my army as I imagine it being (from the background) and have it be something I can use on the tabletop with a reasonable opponent.
Have it be a "legal" list too? Even better.

Looks like I'm going to try Space Wolves for a few months. Or at least until the Dark Angels get the same life and character breathed back into their Codex that the Wolves waited so patiently for.

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