All the Space Hulk Genestealers complete

From test arm to test model, I managed to finish all of the Genestealers for the Space Hulk project I have. That leaves the Broodlord and the Marines to paint.
While there's fewer Marines, they have more detail so I expect them to take a while too.

Anyone notice he's only got three arms... where's his fourth?

Some of the detail on the Genestealer bases

For anyone who hasn't painted their Genestealers yet, make sure you pick a simple and easy color scheme. I matched the box paint scheme and that took me forever. The Marines will be painted like the box too.

It makes a difference though. Playing the game with unpainted models vs. playing with painted models makes for a completely different gaming experience.

My Project Link: Space Hulk

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  1. As always Ron, very nice work man.

  2. Beautiful work. That colour scheme is a real nostalgia trip, back to the first Space Hulk. Have you thought about mounting them on regular bases?

  3. Very nice. Well done!

    Retro 'stealers are the soul of Space Hulk :)

  4. Since they are a uniform colour with only the head hands and feet different it always made me think of them wearing a jumpsuit for some reason.

    But still very nicely done. I went a very quick method I picked up from Pit of the Oni - white base, scorched brown carapace and bits, bleached bone claws etc. Then a sepia wash all over. The white goes a tea sort of colour and it automatically darkens the recesses. I got 8 of the critters painted in a couple of hours from sprue to shelf.

  5. Thanks guys.

    I painted my old Stealers from the first ed. of Space Hulk the traditional colors too.

    tentakel: These guys are a commission. They're based for the game and I just tried to match the colors of the base to the board so they blend in as much as possible.

    Gotthammer: I wish I could have gotten these guys done that quick.


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