Thursday night's Old Timer league, Jan. 21

Like all things, we start with grand plans.
I didn't get a game in this week. It probably doesn't help that I got there late. I did come prepared with a legitimate 400 point list this time for what it's worth. And we didn't do any greenstuff work either. Like I said, big plans.

We did talk about army tactics for a little while, but we get sidetracked easily and move from topic to topic quickly. It did get me thinking though and I'm working on a post about it.

We managed to attract a new "Old Timer" this week. This shot is of his tank just before he attempted to plow through the Orks in front of it. It didn't turn out too well for the guys in the tank... the Ork promptly obliterated it with a successful "Death or Glory" attack.
The pic at the top of the post inludes more of his tanks as well.

I did however to get a bunch of pics of the Ork army from last week's post since a handful of you guys asked to see more of it. I'm putting all of those together in a post all on it's own.

Next week we're planning on doing some gaming, simple basing and tank weathering. Hopefully we'll get something done this time around.

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  1. Sometimes it's nice to get together and visit, even if you don't get much done. That's how it goes in my circles anyway!

  2. just fyi,
    I am really bummed that the bater bucket isn't there anymore..John and I looked forward to it every week and we have used it 4 or 5 times, to everyone's satisfaction.
    I don't think the poll warranted the closure of this series..but that's just my opinion
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. First rule of tank shock, never go through the mini with the fist unless you have to. Only models actually in the direct path can take death or glory attacks so hit the edges can be helpful if you are just trying to force a fall back move.

  4. The Inner Geek: That's what it's all about, just getting out of the house sometimes.

    Capitola Family: I appreciate the feedback. With the amount of work it takes to keep the site up and running now, it seems like I am required to make harder and harder decisions each week.

    I've "automated" as much of the site as I can to eliminate as much daily housekeeping as possible so that I can focus on adding content.
    I want to keep FTW focused and not try to do it all with this site.

    I support Mik with moving the Barter Bucket to his site in the future if he decides it's something he wants to continue.


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